Custom Ress Tensa

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Custom Ress Tensa

Post  kabumpe on Sat Jun 02, 2012 7:14 pm

Ressurecion Name:Taimuzu no Ate (End of Times)

Ressurecion Call: Purge

Ressurecion Type: Cero

Description: The ressureccion is a dragon-based style, when used two dragon wings grow on my back, my pupils become narrow, like a lizard's, the remnants of my hollow bone armor spread across my body and cover my arms, legs, waist, and torso up to the breast reagion, forming a mail-like armor, exactly like scales.


Ressurecion Abilities

Cero Orbs: Upon transformation three dark purple orbs of concentrated energy are formed around my right wrist, they constantly rotate around my wrist and are highly concentrated forms of cero. I can control them freely, controlling the rotations and being able to make them distance or close to my wrist. I am able to fire a powerful Cero from each of them, which will equal to a fully charged cero, but would be almost instantanious. Additionally, the cero can be charged by distancing all three orbs and forming a triangle, then a very powerful cero can be fired, equalling in power to a cero oscuras, but less concentrated, instead of a piercing beam, a highly explosive one. And lastly, the cero orbs can be fired from my wrist, and will cause a very powerful explosion, stronger than the charged cero, but they will take 2 rounds(debatable) to regenerate.

Passive abilities:

Boost - Aside from the previously mentioned skill, the ressureccion only gives a mild boost to cero power, speed, and a slight boost to hierro, due to the scale armor.

Segunda Etapa

Description: In this form, the scales become a bit thicker and a plating spreads throughout my arms and legs, reinforcing them and forming an armor in the shape of dragon limbs, and claws. My eyes become entirely black with dark purple pupils with red areas.

Enchanced Cero Orbs: This time, the orbs increase greatly, now another set of three orbs appear around my left wrist aswell, and act just like the other ones. Additionally, a set of six orbs of dark, oscuras energy, are formed around me, and float behind me, moving at my commant. Each, individually, are weaker than an oscuras itself, but together are quite more powerful. The new orbs additions add more skills for my usage. The oscuras orbs can be shot at great speeds and detonated, just like the regular cero orbs, but will cause less damage, individually. By using the oscuras orbs, in addition to the normal cero orbs, I am now able to use enhanced versions of oscuras, the same way I do with the normal cero, by forming a triangle shape with the cero orbs, and adding a oscuras orb to the middle, which will be consumed upon firing, but will add power, the boost of a single orb wont be too dramatic, but each cero can be boosted with up to three orbs, granting a significant increase to power. Each orb will take a round to be regenerated, and if all of them are depleted, the techniques can only be used after three more rounds. Additionally, an improved version of san seikou cero can be used now, by joining all six cero orbs into an heptagonal shape, and with a significant amount of time. It is by far the most powerful cero I have, but its extremely draining and will deplete all cero orbs.

Passive Abilities:
Just another slight boost to speed, hierro and cero power, nothing too significant. The additional tier point goes into Sonido, taking it up to tier 4.

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Re: Custom Ress Tensa

Post  Darwin Blake on Sun Jun 03, 2012 7:50 pm

Approved currently without Segunda. We'll have to wait and see what you think up for your second ressureccion.
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Re: Custom Ress Tensa

Post  Nier on Mon Jun 04, 2012 10:54 am


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Re: Custom Ress Tensa

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