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Custom Zan app

Post  Blueberry Muffin on Sat Jun 02, 2012 2:05 am

Zanpakutou Name: Kuroi Chi Mugen no Himei (黒い血無限の悲鳴 - Black blood infinite scream)

(There's no call because it's a constant release)

Bankai Name: Shinin Noyouna Kuroi Chi no Himei (死人のような黒い血の悲鳴 - Deathly black blood scream)

Zanpakutou Type: Sound; Blood

Shikai Abilities

Ability 1 - Upon blood being spilt, the wielder of Kuroi Chi Mugen no Himei can manipulate their blood to an extent, in order to make weapons as such. Examples of this would be hardening blood around a wound to prevent the character from bleeding. Notably, using this, the blood could be broken, however, the stronger the wielder is, the stronger the blood is. Another example of this would be blood transforming into little needles which stab into the foe, however, these would barely pinprick. You'd feel it if there was lots of them, of course, but this would do little damage. Unless you're allergic to little holes in your body and pinpricks, then you're fucked.

Ability 2 - For this ability, the sword unleashes a blast of purple and black reiatsu, in the shape of a cresent wave with a mouth and razor sharp black teeth. It unleashes a loud screeching noise, which, if close enough, could possibly even burst one's eardrums. Other then that, this attack is harmless unless the mouth touches you, as the mouth will munch and try to eat you, whilst pushing you back. This attack takes a toll on the user, taking out a big chunk of their reiatsu reserves and can not be used more than three times in a single day. This attack is called Kuro Himei Souruita (黒悲鳴ソウルイーター - Black scream soul eater)

Ability 3 - This ability is rather passive, but it's a increase in speed. The user can manipulate the sound and wind around them to speed up their reflexes and speed in general for a temporary amount of time. The longer you use it, the tireder you get. This is most efficient used in short bursts. It can be used for up to 5 seconds before it begins to drain severely, and by 10 seconds, the wielder of the sword would be completely out of Reiatsu.

Shikai Qualities: Well, since it's constant release, it won't really change, but I'll tell you what it looks like in it's constant release stage. It's a black sword with a line of glossy silver going down the middle and up to the tip. The tip of the sword is more like one of those olden days swords used in the medieval ages, except the blade which is a much thicker version of that, and black. There are two thick strips of silver metal with six spikes sticking out of each (Two on either side, one on either corner) and this is supposedly the 'Guard' of the sword, for anything else beneath this is handle and what's above it is the thick, obsidian black blade. Despite it's size, it's unnaturally light to the wielder, but will weigh a thousand pounds to anybody else.

Bankai Abilities:

Ability 1 - The first ability is pretty much just an advanced version of my Shikai's first. There's advanced control over the wielder's black blood, which allows one to say, make spears out of blood, make the needles longer and sharper which would do a bit more damage, possibly impale. The black blood hardening is going to get harder, and there's more flexibility over how you can use this black blood, like say, create a second sword or a dagger.

Ability 2 - Once again, this is a advanced version of Kuro Himei Souruita. It's faster, a little stronger, a bit bigger and can be manipulated in terms of direction. Like, it might be going forward, but then it'll suddenly swerve left and hit a foe, stuff like that.

Ability 3 - This, also, is a advanced version of the speed passive. The speed boost uses less reiatsu and lasts for longer. By longer, I mean about 10-20 seconds. So at about 30 seconds, the character would be out of reiatsu.

Bankai Qualities: The sword doesn't change a bit. The wielder however, does. Two black, rough wings like that of a bat's except black, glowing with a light purple around them sprout out of the wielder's back. Along with that, black and purple reiatsu forms a creature, kind of like a mini Komamura Tengen Myooh thing, except this has no legs and is attached to the wielder's back. The wings also sprout out of this monster's back, leaving the wielder with four wings. This monster pretty much shadows the wielder's movements, however, at the cost of some reiatsu, the wielder can get the monster to do things for it. This drains less reiatsu as the wielder progresses in mastering Bankai.

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Re: Custom Zan app

Post  Toshi on Sat Jun 02, 2012 10:55 am

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