Han Nadare - Bureizubasuto.

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Han Nadare - Bureizubasuto.

Post  LetsPlayBOR on Fri Jun 01, 2012 12:49 pm

Zanpakuto Name: Burezubasuto

Zanpakuto Call: Yake Ru ( Spelled: Yakru. )

Zanpakuto Bankai Name: Kazan No Hono Basuto

Zanpakuto Type: Fire/Blaze, Physical

Zanpakuto Spirit Form Appearence: Burezubasuto in his spirit form, looks like a tall young man with a dark/red shogun-like armor and two powerful gauntlents. Kazan No Hono Basuto has totally different form compared to Burezubasuto as he takes form of a 15 feet giant, with same armor and even more powerful looking gauntlents, he also prefers to wear a masked helmet which covers his face.


Heres a little description about Burezubasuto: Burezubasuto is a Fire/Blaze type zanpakuto which is based on releasing powerful Blaze-Type attacks, ( Blazing Pillars, Blazing Streams and Fireballs and so on.... ) in shikai state, Han has control over his powers completely unlike bankai's where his powers are far too great to handle, meaning that he will put his comrades and himself in great danger.

Shikai Special Abilities: In shikai state, Han is able to release various blaze type attacks from his gauntlents which are the source of his powers, having complete control over his actions, Han is able to shape his attacks into different forms and use them at different purposes.

Here is the list of skills which will be used in fights, by Han. Since the skills are all purely custom made by Han, they dont have original names.

[ Offensive ] Blazing Stream - Han can shoot continuous streams of fire from his gauntlents, which can be augmented in order to create flame-thrower like techniques.

[ Offensive ] Blazing Pillar - By smacking his gauntlents at the ground, Han can use his reishi to channel a path between him and the targeted location, afterwards creating a Blazing Pillar.

[ Offensive ] Fireballs - By augmenting the heat of his gauntlents to maximum, Han can release Fireballs towards his opponents. The size and power depends on how much Reishi was added to the attack.

[ Passive ] Augment of Heat - Han is able to augment the heat of his gauntlents, making him dangerous opponent at hand to hand combat due being able to physically harm and burn his targets.

[ Defensive ] Wall of Fire - This ability is based of Blazing Pillar, but instead of creating an massive offensive move, Han is able to create an wide wall of fire, in order to protect himself or his comrades from various attacks.

Shikai Enchantments: Strength and Reiatsu are dramatically improved.

Shikai Appearance: Burezubasuto takes a form of two powerful black-red colored gauntlets. Making Han slightly proficient at close combat. After using the Augment of Heat, a bright red color slightly adds to the gauntlets.


Bankai Special Abilities: In bankai state, Kazan No Hono Basuto's previous abilities are improved so highly that even he is not able to control the torrents of fire, making him unable to redirect or extinguish his own attacks. Unlike in Shikai, where Han had do release the attacks by his own and use a lot of strength, in bankai he is capable of summoning the Kazan No Hono Basuto and use his body, instead of his own, increasing his offensive and defensive abilities.

[ Summoning ] Wrath of The Blazing Titan - This is the ability, to summon Kazan No Hono Basuto's almighty body and use it as its own, in this state Han's Strength, Blaze, defensive- abilities are greatly increased.

Bankai appearance: Upon the activation, Han is constantly surrounded by flames which are acting like a aura, his gauntlents do not change much, but he recives a demonic shogun-like helmet.

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Re: Han Nadare - Bureizubasuto.

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