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Custom Zan App

Post  Jodisco on Tue May 29, 2012 8:36 pm

Zanpakutou Name: Amidamaru

Zanpakutou Call: Over Soul

Bankai Name: Over Soul: Spirit of Sword, Amidamaru

Zanpakutou Type: Melee

Shikai Abilities

Ability 1 -Amidaryū: Shinkuu Buddha-giri (Amida-Style: Shockwave Buddha-Slash):- Its principal use is to strike at adversaries outside of his sword's range. Essentially, it breaks the air with a slash and forces out a powerful shockwave at the adversary.

Ability 2 - Amidaryū Gokōjin(Amida-Style: Halo Blade):- During execution,swift sword-draw at incredible speed at dead-range of the adversary, unleashing a strike with enough power to bust an adversary to shreds. It is a very precise technique and one has to be close to the adversary to complete it.

Ability 3 - Amidamaru Shield: Basically a form of his shikai, Siza forms a large shield out of Amidamaru's samurai armour(the shoulder guards and the arm guard as well).Also,in shikai Amidamaru has the capability of doing this attack on his own to protect Yoh's weak spots, but it is a 1/4 chance Amidamaru does that himself.

Shikai Qualities: The basic characteristics of this Shikai resembles Amidamaru's Spirit Flame form, with the samurai's shoulder guards present while an effigy of Amidamaru burns over the zanpakuto at the shikai's nucleus. This primary form can be freely modified to best meet Yoh's needs. Due to it's inherent flexability, it can form two large shields and shoulder guard and arm shield to materialize over Siza's right arm for defence.
Bankai Abilities

Ability 1 - Spirit of Sword: White Swan :- Known simply as "Byakkou", this is a variation of Yoh's S.O.S. (Spirit of Sword) bankai, made in homage to Siza's childhood affinity to the white swan. It's a double-medium bankai form composed of various, interchangeable panels of armor, which orbit Yoh for protection. The O.S. itself embodies Yoh's need for practicality, making the most of his two mediums; the Futsu-no-Mitama no Tsurugi, in the left hand, serving as the source of the bankai form while his zanpakuto facilitating the medium in his right hand, materializing the orbital armor and a giant shirasaya bankai.

Ability 2 - 'Amidaryū: Mu-Mu-Myou-Yaku-Mu( Amida-Style: The Absence of Ignorance) :- The ultimate technique of Siza's "Byakkou" bankai In essence, it's a powerful thrust of the bankai's sword which "purifies the very soul". The configuration of the bankai and reiryoku/reiatsu released during this technique resembles that of swan taking flight.

Ability 3 - Amidaryū Gokōjin( Amida-Style: Halo Blade):- It is a single-sword battō-jutsu technique executed from his unique and legendary fighting stance, called Tathagata.

Bankai Qualities: This is a sword-shaped bankai which hardens Siza's reiryoku into the shape of a blade and explosively increases its lethality, enabling it to cut through any form of reiryoku. Siza can also shoot the blade of the bankai in accelerated length by pumping more reiryoku into it. Siza's movements improve not only thanks to Amidamaru, but also thanks to all the human feelings and fighting experience he has. Its only weak point is its terrible consumption of reiryoku, due to its great size and power.
Your own appearance (Optional)
Nothing changes, all I get is a a little wooden like sword called Futunomitama no Turugi, it is used to power my bankai!
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Re: Custom Zan App

Post  Nier on Tue May 29, 2012 9:01 pm

Sorry but you've taken this straight from shaman king. Not approved.

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