Vaizard Rules

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Vaizard Rules

Post  Lawpiecla1 on Tue May 29, 2012 7:54 pm

1) Inquire about them in the game.
2) Find out about them ICly.

As you can see, those aren't all the rules. Its more a guideline to finding them out yourself. The main point of this is the system I'm having for masks. The masks abilities won't be immediately super powerful, like they sometimes could seem. I'm dividing the masks into 5 stages, based on the users experience. You need to get permission from me to advance to the next stage. These are the stages, and what they grant.

Stage 1 - Your mask is just a generic, white mask. No coloring, no strange shape to it. It merely increases your powers by a small degree.

Stage 2 - Your mask adopts a shape, but remains a blank white. It has no coloring, and increases your powers by a small, but noticeable degree.

Stage 3 - This is the normal stopping point for Vaizards. Your mask will gain a color, making it truly unique among other masks. It increases your powers significantly.

Stage 4 - This is a stage reached only by a few of the more skilled Vaizards. You gain the ability to use a cero, and your mask increases your powers drastically while it's used.

Stage 5 - Basically for Event Vaizards only. Increases your powers as if you had an entirely new release on top of having a mask and a bankai. Don't expect to reach this, you'll only be disappointed.

Now, for the mask duration. Masks don't just stay on forever, after all. Now, the time will be measured as usual. It will start at 5 seconds, and I will discuss with you just how much you should be able to do in that time. You can increase your time by approaching me and OOCly telling me you're doing a training RP to increase time. Post the RP, and I will tell you if your Mask's duration has increased thanks to it. If it has, we will again discuss what you can now do with the time at your disposal.

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Re: Vaizard Rules

Post  Darwin Blake on Sun Jun 03, 2012 3:32 pm

I will be following this guideline, and I expect all future Vaizards to do the same.
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