Suggestion with Suggestions in it.

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Suggestion with Suggestions in it.

Post  Lawpiecla1 on Sun Apr 15, 2012 12:53 am


Custom Branch(Forums)

I suggest putting in a Custom Branch in the forums. It would contain 7 more branches within, 2 which already exist, 5 which I came up with myself. The branches of the forum that would go here would be Custom Zanpakatous (Already Exists), Custom Skills (Already Exists), (All further I made.) Custom Backgrounds, Custom Items, Custom Rules (Faction Leaders), Custom Groups, and Custom Events.

Custom Backgrounds - A section of the forums for players to put up what could be considered a non-standard background for approval. And example of this would be something like being a Legendary Samurai from long ago who through some incident took millenniums to arrive in Soul Society, yet retained all his memories. Standard would be something like they were born, had an average childhood, went to school, graduated, got a job, went through life, and died at some point in between.

Custom Items - A section for players to attempt to get approval for IC inventions in the game. This would be things such as First Aid packs for Squads, etc.

Custom Rules (Faction Leaders) - A section for the Figures to put up lists of the current unusual rules for their faction. Example: Shinigami get bankai at RP Level 10. (Totally Not Valid Btw.)

Custom Groups - A section to get approval to make an official IC group. The Group should have some kind of name, and a definite goal, such as a Group of Inoue hellbent on the Takeover of Seretei.

Custom Events - Just a section to post Mini-Events for other players to see. It would let Admins and Players know where they could be and when to be on for rewarding purposes and such. Although the rewarding purposes would be more for willing admins. If you attend the event purely to get rewards, get the hell away, you don't belong here.

Well, there you have it. A suggestion for the expansion in general of the forums. It'd be convenient if nothing else. Hopefully it would be something else, but I guess we'll just have to settle for it at least being Convenient. Tell me what you think n' stuff.

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Re: Suggestion with Suggestions in it.

Post  10asd on Sun Apr 15, 2012 7:16 am

I really like your idea.I have an good suggestion for you.How about Custom Architecture ?There players will post suggestions about creating new buildings,sectors,places...IC of course.We must evolve shouldn't we?Not just in Soul Society it will be probably in Hueco Mundo and Human World too.The exaggerated ones won't be approved.Also to be approved it will depend your rank cause the major figures can shape most of their world as they wish,while simple players can build just small things like an shop or others.Anyway I think it could be a branch for Custom Items anyway here is how I would like to be organized:

Custom Arhitecture:
-Soul Society-Seireitei,Rukongai,Wilderness Areas,New Place.
-Hueco Mundo-Las Noches,Menos Forest,Desert,New Place.
-Human World-Any place (USA,France...)

Hope you like my idea Smile
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