Suggestion: Perks.

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Suggestion: Perks.

Post  hifuu1716 on Thu Mar 15, 2012 2:26 am

Now I know this has probably been brought up before, but I believe since this game is a pure roleplay game, it can really help. I have seen plenty of games put perks and it really helps to personalize the gaming experience. We can make general perks that can help your basic skills. Here is but an example of perks:

Strength Veteran - Your strength is very developed. After much training, you have the strength to pick up large boulders, maybe even destroy walls or buildings with your punches and slashes.

Now this is just an example, and I am not very good at writing perk descriptions. But we can have perks for Shikai Mastery, or things like that.

Perks will go in the order of Rookie, Novice, Mediocre, Veteran, Expert, and Mastery.

A person will have to RP for these perks, and of course during the course of your role playing experience your fights will also improve your perks. These are all perks that help establish your abilities. In a pure rp game such as this one, it would be a great help. Please feedback and help the admins see this!

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