Kuromu's Zanpakuto application.

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Kuromu's Zanpakuto application.

Post  LetsPlayBOR on Mon Mar 12, 2012 1:59 pm

Zanpakuto name: God Cutter.
Zanpakuto call: Achieve eternal peace,
Bankai name: Eternal God Cutter.
Zanpakuto type: Light/Melee.


Shikai Abilities

Gift of true Sight: This ability activates itself instantly after going into Shikai, technically an pure white energy covers Kuromu's eyes and a little area around them. Just as the name says, this ability allows Kuromu to see the truth, for example if someone uses an illusion type of ability, Kuromu will be able to see right trought it and make difference between false and true. Another example, if someone is being controlled by someone else, Kuromu will be able to see it.

Shikai Enhancements: Speed, Strength, Reflexes are greatly improved.

Shikai Qualities: The zanpakuto's length does not change while it becomes a little bigger, with pointed blades coming out of both sides of the blade which would slightly resemble Renji's zanpakuto shikai. Both of Kuromu's arms are covered by white bandages.


Bankai Abilities

Gift of true Sight: Remains.

Light Manipulation: Kuromu will be able to manipulate "Light" as much as he wants.

Bankai Enhancements: Speed, Reiatsu, Strength, Reflexes are improved even higher.

Bankai Qualities: Kuromu gains an white colored coat which resemebles a captain's "Haori" but it's made of pure white energy, a pair of wings which are made of the same energy will appear to be attached to that coat, by the look he would resemble Byakuya's Hakuteiken, his zanpakuto takes shape of a normal katana which is also made of that energy.

[ Light Manipulation: Kuromu is able to create such areas where no light exist - eternal darkness -, take control of shadows, make him invsibile by manipulating light to surround him, being able to use compressed light, create an dimension of light around opponent, allowing him to make his opponent see what he wants them to see .]

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Re: Kuromu's Zanpakuto application.

Post  Toshi on Mon Mar 12, 2012 4:59 pm

Approved, except the manipulate light thing, it doesn't make much sense.
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