Itonami's Zanpaktou Application.

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Itonami's Zanpaktou Application.

Post  Kouta on Sun Mar 11, 2012 6:54 pm

Zanpakutou Name: Harinezumi

Zanpakutou Call: Take their energy.

Bankai Name: Harinezumi Senshin

Zanpakutou Type: Absorption

Shikai Abilities

Ability 1 - Has little shards on the weapon that are detachable by two different method. One is to cut the opponent and the shards chip off inside the opponent's flesh. The second is that Itonami uses his own Reiatsu to project the shards off the blade while pointing the tip of the weapon at the opponent. These shards of the blade transfer Reiatsu from the opponent to Itonami.

Shikai Qualities: The weapon turns blue and shards grow out from it in all directions. The size of the weapon also grows to be about the size of Itonami himself.

Bankai Abilities

Ability 1 - Still has the original ability of the Shikai. Although the shards are smaller and harder to remove from the body. When being shot they move at higher speeds and are harder to dodge. The amount of Reiatsu being stolen is a greater amount.

Ability 2 - The Reiatsu that the shards absorb and transfer to Itonami is tampered with and have healing Qualities. Therefore when the energy returns to him Itonami is able to heal his wounds.

Bankai Qualities: Same as shikai.
Own appearence: His physical appearance does not differ with the use of Shikai or Bankai.

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Re: Itonami's Zanpaktou Application.

Post  Toshi on Sun Mar 11, 2012 7:27 pm

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