Terra Atmosfera's Ress.

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Terra Atmosfera's Ress.

Post  DreaCupcake on Thu Mar 08, 2012 2:23 am

Call, Name: Soar, Pluma

Type: Arrancar Resureccion

Appearance: Terra's former outfit is all but disappeared, wearing a new outfit that consists of a short crop-top style dress with the cropping showing her midsection, the bottom covered in a long feathered skirt. she has shoulder-less black sleeves that lead up to her hands, changed into clawed forelimbs. Her feet are similar to her arms in that they are black stockings with clawwed stilettos, like a bird's talons. She has two nicely sized white wings.


Air Render: This simply allows Terra to claw out into the air, creating near-invisible thin wind currents with each of her claws, they start of at the speed of a Sonido and fade to the speed of a shunpo as they travel distance, also weakening in power the distance they travel.

Dust Bowl: Flaps her wings a few times to create a ball of dust infront of her, this dust allows her to go in and keep her and her opponent inside, keeping a fight one-on-one. This is not an attacking ability. Can be broken if someone is strong to do so.(Added this in because everyone hates Clustered fights.)

Tail Blade: She carries five tail feathers on the end of her dress on the behind, these tail feathers are solid and can be pulled off to be able to be used as swords. She can throw them, and once thrown, they explode on contact. They slowly grow back with time. (Thinking maybe in battle, 7 RPs after they were thrown, as long as it was in a battle.)

Atmospheric Fury: Her ultimate attack, she can summon the air from all around her and create a Hurricane, collecting anything it hits and bringing it into the attack. This attack can surround her as a defensive mechanism.

Falcon Screech: She can make her voice a high pitched sound to disrupt someone's hearing temporary or to avoid weaker rei based attacks as long as they are infront of her in a cone-spread.

Other than that, she can move in sonido a bit faster, and then for an extra boost flap her wings for more speed. Her wings can also be used as shields, but they can be damaged to where the shrink in size and go back behind her.
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Re: Terra Atmosfera's Ress.

Post  Nier on Thu Mar 08, 2012 4:42 pm

You know Segunda etapa is availlable right? Though this is approved.

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