Jaret's (Revised) Ressurection

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Jaret's (Revised) Ressurection

Post  Jaret on Sun Mar 04, 2012 8:52 pm

Name: Kaminari-Ken

Call: Shock!

Type: Electric/Lightning


Resureccion Ability: In the resureccion the user would have an electromagnetic field begin to form in their bodies. This electromagnetic field would only be able to stem from their bodies at about two-three inches. This would allow the user to charge objects, often metal, negatively or possitvely allowing them to say pull an object towards them if they have an opposite charge, or repel if it is similar. Because of the very small outter range objects would often have to actually hit the user to get effected.

Resureccion Appearance: In the resureccion the users mask would appear from below their eyebrows going down to above the mouth, covering everything in that area unless they needs hole for their function. The mask would then move back towards the ears and go behind them, then looping above downwards into a half cirlce. The mask would go down the users back stemming out from behind their shoulders and covering their arms in a mask like material

Resureccion Abilities:

Ability 1:Denji chaji(Electromagnetic Charge)- This ability allows for the user to charge any metal objects that comes in contact with them, or they touch. The object would be filled with their electromagnetism and charged negatively. The user does not have to do it intentionally, as long as their resureccion is active and they are hit/touched the object is charged. If it is concentrated the electromagnetism can influence the source.

Ability 2:Kaminari puru(Lightning Pull)- This technique would allow for the user to pull any already charged object towards them by changing the charge in their body to that specific charge. This can be distributed to a body part to make it more focused, or can be spread throughout for a larger range all around, but a weaker force.

Ability 3: Kaminari gekitai(Lightning Repel)- This technique does the opposite of the "Kaminari puru". It charges the user negatively so that it would repel any negatively charged object would have a harder time wanted to hit him. If applied to a specific place it would have more repelling power.

Segunda Ability: The user would gain greater control over their electromagnetic field inside of their body. The power of the field would be alot greater, allowing for it to stem from the body about seven inches. The increase in control means that the level of pulling/replling is increased. The user would also gain the power to send electromagnetic pulses into anything it touches. If it were to touch a body it could send the pulse through the body to inflict pain.

Segunda Appearance: The mask that was covering the shoulders and back, covering the arms would extend going over the butt, and down to the legs. The mask type material would cover everywhere, the front, back, and appendages, the only part that would be unconvered would be the neck. The user would be able to protrude electromagnetic field from their hands/feet to allow for better distribution of electromagnetism. The user's speed would also be slightly increased because of the electromagnetic field being pushing away different particles that decrease speed by a few miliseconds, which would be the difference in who wins a challenge of speed.

Segunda Abilities:

Ability 1:Kaminari no firudo(Lightning Field)- This is the ability for the user to distribute a limit of 7 inch field around the appendages. This technique would give the user greater increase in their range, and strength of their techniques.

Ability 2: Kaminari no bunpu(Lightning Distribution)- This technique sends a wave of electromagnetic pulses through the targets body upon contact. Depending on the focus, and the amount of reiatsu output depends on the electromagnetism being shot out from that point. Their is a constant drain on the users reiatsu the longer they keep this technique active.

Ability 3: Kaminari kyuin(Lightning Suction)- This is the ultimate technique, this technique would allow the user to pull in everything that has been affected by his electromagnetic attraction. At the cost of all of the users Reiatsu the objects would all come together infront of the user, forming into one giant ball of metal or other items such as bodies. This tecnique would result in the end of any match, the user would be left without any energy and motionless.

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Re: Jaret's (Revised) Ressurection

Post  Nier on Sun Mar 04, 2012 8:57 pm

You can actually increase the range of the electro magnetic field, say 5-7 inches in Res and 15-17 inches in Segunda. Other then that its approved.

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