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Custom Ress App

Post  Jodisco on Sun Mar 04, 2012 1:08 pm

Ressureccion Call and Name: Arise, Katsiru

Zanpakuto sealed form: His zanpakuto has he length of a normal katana but it is a bit larger. His zanpakuto is blue with white dots around it. And the hilt is whitish with blue stars on it.

Ressureccion form: When he is about to activate his ressurecion he waves his zanpakuto and then says its call and name.In his ressurecion, Hitsu's zanpakuto shatters and forms ice wings behind him. They are huge and also extend with bony like fingers to his chest area. Hitsu gains icy claws, and his feet is also covered with ice. So in this form his normal clothing disappears and he also gains the ability to fly.

Ressureccion abilities: Koori Manipyureito (Ice Manipulation) :- Hitsu gains the ability to manipulate ice in anyway he wants. He can use it to form anything he wants; due to ice not being everywhere. Hitsu uses the atmosphere to collect water and change it to ice. (Since the atmosphere contains water and all)

Koori Chitai (Ice Zone) :- To activate this technique, Hitsu places four spikes of ice around the opponent. This causes that the area in four spikes place to freeze and then freeze anything in there. Hitsu can further the technique by closing it up into a box, that is not so hard broken from the outside but very hard to break from the inside. And the opponent stuck in this box, is endangered when the box is shattered because they are shattered along with it.

Ability Limit:- Hitsu is only able make a maximum of Ten Ice objects at a time.

Ressureccion Enhancements: Increases his Reiatsu, Speed and High Speed Regeneration.

Segunda Etapa: None yet. Would be made in the near future.

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Re: Custom Ress App

Post  Nier on Sun Mar 04, 2012 5:23 pm

Seems similar to Hitsugaya's bankai, which is a little too OP for just a res. If you limit the amount of ice you can create, it should be suitable. Just make sure your segunda etapa doesnt take things too far. Other than this its approved.

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