Rokuro Bind Custom Ressureccion. [ Revamped. ]

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Rokuro Bind Custom Ressureccion. [ Revamped. ]

Post  LetsPlayBOR on Sun Mar 04, 2012 10:32 am

Ressureccion Call and Name: Luchar, Caballero del Abismo . [ Fight, Knight of the Abyss. ]

Zanpakuto sealed form: In sealed state it takes the form of a katana with a black blade along with a white guard and hilt. The guard itself is fairly standard, having four curved spikes that spiral out in all four directions.

Ressureccion form: When activating ressureccion, Rokuro places his Zanpakuto vertically infront of himself and says, "Luchar..... Caballero del Abismo." afterwards an huge amount of dark purple reiatsu is released around him and vanishes after about ten seconds. In ressureccion his blade becomes slightly larger and becomes bathed in a dark purple aura. The guard's spikes extend so they obscure the view of the Rokuro's hand. In his released form, Rokuro gains an purple thin bone looking armour which covers both of his arms and "TORSO" body part, his hands become claws with an white coloured tip's on the nails. The marks on his mask dissapear as a large purple X shape pattern forms across the top half of the mask.

Ressureccion abilities:

Carmesí Abismo [ Crimson Abyss ] : Rokuro creates an alternate version of the Getsuga Tensho, which releases a crimson wave of reiatsu with a swing from his blade that can destroy any opponent.

Oscuro Abismo [ Dark Abyss ] : Rokuro creates three small dark orbs which will float around him in circles, he can release an enhanced Carmesí Abismo which form is more similiar to a Cero's and its color change's into pure purple with crimson outlines, by command "Liberar Abismo.". He can do so one time from each orb, afterwards the orb will vanish.

Lluvia de Abismo [ Rain of Abyss ] : This is Carmesi Abismo's final enhanced form also known as Rokuro's last resort which would be very rare in use. Rokuro creates countless small purple orbs which will float around him in circles, afterwards he would raise his hand and point it forward which would make one of the orbs stop, as doing so all other orbs would slam into it, the orb would be glowing more brighter with each hit. Once the orb completes itself, Rokuro would raise his hand above afterwards orb would fly into the sky at remarkable speed, when orb would be so high [ nearby the very first clouds 5-6 km ] it would just flicker itself and cover the sky of a continent in those purple orbs, after that the real show would begin as enhanced versions of Oscuro Abismo would rain down from countless points, etc. has radius of 1-2 miles. The attack itself is similiar to Starkk's Cero Metralleta, its just more wide, powerful and is not spammable.

Ressureccion Enhancements: Increases his Reiatsu, Speed and Defense.

Segunda Etapa: None.

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Re: Rokuro Bind Custom Ressureccion. [ Revamped. ]

Post  Nier on Sun Mar 04, 2012 5:20 pm

Approved (Until Segunda etapa is finished)

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