Ava's Custom Zan App

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Ava's Custom Zan App

Post  Zana_Cioroi on Sun Mar 04, 2012 2:16 am

Zanpakutou Name: Kaido

Zanpakutou Call: Checkmate

Bankai Name: Kaido, Kage-no-ō

Zanpakutou Type: Shadow/Chain Manipulation

Shikai Abilities

Ability 1 – Chain manipulation. The chains about Ava act as a weapon to bind, trip, strangle, rip, ect. Slashing on of the four main chains down on an enemy is similar to slashing the opponent with a whip.

Ability 2 – Binding Ritual, Vengance Manipulation. Chains bind the opponent, hoisting them in the air in a cross like shape, forming a pentagram of reiatsu to seal the binding as chains repeatedly slash at the victim, then dropping the opponent to be bound around the waist by another chain and tossed a fair distance away. The warning about where this attack will appear is a pentagram shape of reiatsu which appears for a moment before the attack.

Shikai Qualities: The blade itself disappears, forming into shadows about its wielder and giving Ava the appearance she often wears in her inner world, including the chains which are her weapon in a sense.


Bankai Abilities

Ability 1 – Shadow Manipulation. Pretty self explanatory, she can manipulate her own shadow and the shadow of inanimate objects. If she ‘shadow contact’ with an opponents shadow, she can bind them in place.

Ability 2 - Technique of Shadows, Twins of Light, Power of Dawn and Dusk. Ava chants this and draws a series of complex symbols. Red light trails her hand as she does so. The symbols stay in the air as an illusion of Kaido appears beside Ava, drawing a mirror image of the symbols. The two speak the chant together, then slash their hands vertically. The symbols come together to form a vortex from which twin dragons of reishi appear, one black the other white, spiraling around eachother. From then on its pretty much like a really big Cero or similar blast…

Bankai Qualities: The chains disappear to become giant claws on her hands made of shadows.

Zanpakuto other ability: While sheathed, the zanpakuto can be activated to allow Kaido control over Ava’s body, completely transforming her physical looks into the image below, as well as her voice. In a sense she is forced into the inner world and Kaido becomes the visible master. This is generally done in events where Ava needs a rest, or just doesn’t wish to deal with the outside world.

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Re: Ava's Custom Zan App

Post  Nier on Sun Mar 04, 2012 5:18 pm


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