Saito's Custom Ressuricon Application{Edited to one more skil on 3/9/2012}

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Saito's Custom Ressuricon Application{Edited to one more skil on 3/9/2012}

Post  Shulker1000 on Sun Mar 04, 2012 1:26 am

Name: Kasai Urufu{Fire Wolf}

Call:Slash and Burn

Ressurection Apperance: The collar around Saito's neck begins to glow. Then a burst of dark blue fire bursts into the air. It swarms around it and his body becomes muscular and much taller. His legs become like that of a wolf's hind legs. His body becomes covered in dark blue fur. His hands then become claws the fur raises up to his neck it then comes over it spreads up to his face. His face then deforms into that of of a wolf the fur spreads all over his face. A white mask like pale forms on top of his face it has a blue skull mark on it. He now looks like that of a dark blue two legged werewolf.

Ressurection Ability(In General): The user gains double or triple his average speed and strength. He also gains the ability to control a dark blue fire that he can produce from within. He can produce and control this fire in the form of pyrokinesis. He can also eat flames to regain strength and stamina but he cannot eat his own. He can use his flames to burn open wounds on his body closed if he chooses to.

Ability 1:Shageki tōsei{Fire control}:This ability gives the user the power to manipulate the fire he produces into any form he chooses. The flames can be balled into a ball, a wave of fire,or even something like a slash.

Ability 2:Kasai shīrudo{Fire Shield}:This creates a wall of flame around the user it can burn most attacks that come in contact with it. Any physical attack like a punch would be torched by the flames. Reiatsu based attacks would also be incinerated because the flames are not normal. But this would all depend on the power of the one sending the attacks versus the user.

Ability 3:Honō no tsume{Claws of Fire}:This covers the users claws in a dense blue fire that he produces. His touch would burn anything he clawed at while the flames are on his claws, if he slashes the air it would send a slash of blue fire across the air where he slashed.

Ability 4:Seroburasuto-en{Flaming Cero Blast}: This allows the user to fire an enhanced dark blue cero with the blue flames swirling around it. This attack would be four times the strength of an average cero because that it is a ressurcion attack and was combined with flames.

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Re: Saito's Custom Ressuricon Application{Edited to one more skil on 3/9/2012}

Post  Nier on Sun Mar 04, 2012 5:13 pm


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