Kosoku Kira's Custom Zan

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Kosoku Kira's Custom Zan

Post  Toshi on Sat Mar 03, 2012 8:38 am

Zanpakutou Name: Kasai No Omo

Zanpakutou Call: Burn
Bankai Name: Nagayoki Kasai No Omo My'ou

Zanpakutou Type: Fire, Leech

Shikai Abilities

Ability 1 - Whenever the Zanpakuto makes contact with the opponent, or something the opponent is holding i.e Zanpakuto, it steals some of the opponents Reiatsu, which is then used to strengthen the power of any of the wielder's attacks.

Ability 2 - Fire ball - The wielder can send fire balls at the enemy, and it is stronger and goes faster, depending on how much Reiatsu is stolen, it can still be used either way.

Shikai Qualities: The Zanpakuto turns red in colour and every piece of Reiatsu stolen, the Zapakuto turns more and more red and it gets bigger and bigger, and as it gets bigger it becomes more and more hard for an opponent to block a strike from the opponent. But the size has no effect on the wielder, he can wield it like it was a twig. The Zanpakuto also gets longer the more Reiatsu is stolen.

Bankai Abilities

Ability 1 - HonĊ ni tsutsuma - The wielder then becomes engulfed in flames once they speak this move, preventing them from being touched. The stronger the flames is also decided by how much Reiatsu was stolen from the opponent. This lasts for 2 RP's normally, but depending on how much Reiatsu is stolen it increases.

Ability 2 - Kasai surasshu - The wielder sends out a fire slash (almost like Getsuga Tenshou, but fiery) that will engulf any part of the opponent in flames if they get touched by it. Once again, depending how much Reiatsu is stolen, it gets stronger.

Ability 3 - Kasai sutoraiku - The wielder channels fire into their Zanpakuto and anything that they strike, becomes engulfed in flames. Can be enhanced with Reiatsu steal.

Ability 4 - Kasai sumasshu - The wielder channels flames into any part of his body and strikes his opponent, if it connects, the opponent is engulfed in flames. Can be enhanced with Reiatsu steal.

Bankai Qualities: All Shikai abilities are enhaced. The wielder's Shihakushou turns into a red colour, and the wielder's hair turns to a flamey colour. The hair colour is permanent.
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