Old Figures (Main + 'Senior' - 03/02/12)

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Old Figures (Main + 'Senior' - 03/02/12)

Post  Ferin on Sat Mar 03, 2012 4:18 am

This is from an old wipe. Please do not refer to this topic if you are searching for those with current figure positions.

Captain Commander: Andrea Darcrown

Senior Captains: Sophia Aillirec and Liquid Ocelot

Aizen Figure: Jaret Akuma

Espada Commanders: Gladviour (Correct me if I spelled wrong. I apologise.) Lelouch and Avainer Zantochi

Quincy Elder: Kin Schutzengel

Quincy Elites: Senshin Makoto and Leroy Schutzengel

Urahara Figure: Kentecko Hesomori

Senior Assistant: Joseph Marrigold

Shinji Figure: Ava Espinada
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