(Previous)Jaret's Ress. App.

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(Previous)Jaret's Ress. App.

Post  Jaret on Sat Mar 03, 2012 2:23 am

Name: Kaminari-Ken

Call: Shock!

Ressurection Apperance: The mask that I was made with covers from right below my eyebrows to right above my mouth. THe mask spreads out at the sides going upwards and curling into a type of half circle shaped horns. When the ressurection is activated the mask returns and spreads down from back of neck and covers my whole body except for my neck, and top of chest. The mask material surrounding the fists and feet is layerd up on, although flexibility is not decreased the protection around the nuckles and fingers are increased. The ressurection would have YELLOW electricity eminating from his elbow down to his fingers on both his hands, and BLUE electricity eminating from his knees to his toes.

Ressurection Ability(In General): The user would have the power to manipulate electricity in every way possible. Stemming from making it eminate from their being in general creating things such as balls of electricity, lightning bolts, or ionizing the air to make it rain or produce the proper weather for a lightning storm. The user can be energized by electricity giving them back reiatsu/stamina that they lost. The user could even heal his wounds if enough electrical output is applied to their body.

Ressurection Abilities:

Ability 1:Kaminari seigyo(Lightning Control): This ability gives the user the power to manipulate lightning into forms of their choosing. The lightning could be concentrated into a form of just a circle, a bolt, or even a slash. The user would be able to utilize electricity to be able to create certain forms of attacks.

Ability 2: Inazuma no tate(Lightning Shield)- This creates a shield of electricity that decreases the speed of anything that hits it. Depending on reiatsu output the shield can range from however large a range the user can emit depending on his reiatsu. The shield would be manipulatable, because the shield is made of lightning it can be put on ANY part of the body externally.

Ability 3: Inazuma no ugoki(Lightning Movement)- With this the user would be able to improve their speed extremely. Most of the users reiatsu would have to be transmitted to their feet, and their power of electrical output on every other part of their body while using the technique would be weakened. The user can activate and deactivate the technique at any time.

Ability 4: Kaminari muchi(Lighting Whip)- This technique would allow the electricity stemming from the users body to be utilized in a materialistic sense. The user could only create weapons that don't necessarily need to be solid and sharp. A whip would really be the only object that the user could make successfully.

*(If Allowed)*

Segunda Apperance: In segunda it would be an evolution of the ressurection, the user would have their electricity cover their entire body non-stop. The surge of electrical reiatsu surrounding them covers their entire bodies. A large eletrical build up, in the shape of a sphere, would be created around the fists and feet because of the focus of the power.

Segunda Ability(In General): The segunda would unlock more powerful techniques for the user, it would increase the ability to control lightning and the users speed would double. Because of the layer of electricity all around the user head on attacks that connected with the electricity would have to get through the shield. If the user does not apply enough force, or does not prepare themselves for their attack they can also be stunned by their contact with the electricity for two seconds.

Segunda Abilities:

Ability 1: Kaminari uzu(Ligthning Vortex)- The user would spin around consecutively having to use their "Inazuma no Ugoki", by focusing their electrical power into their legs and spinning with their legs outwards they could create a electrical vortex. This vortex would stun the target, but accuracy is horrible. Because the user is constantly spinning and unable to really get a great sense of direciton it depends on how well the user can sense reiatsu to truly give them a accurate motion.

Ability 2: Kaminari uzu shotto(Lightning Vortex Shot)- This can only be used while the user is using their lightning vortex technique. The user would proceede to shoot electrical attacks such as lightning bolts, and spheres at the user. The accuracy would be hap-hazard and hard to control because of spinning motion of the vortex.

Ability 3: Setchi kaminari(Grounded Lightning)- This technique , at a great reiatsu cost, would allow the user to send a surge of lightning into the ground/air. Utilizing their electricity they could send waves of electricity to travel through the ground causing the entire ground to be electrified. If this technique hits it would stun the target for 20 seconds, the range would be 20feet. (The technique would be used on the ground or in the air, it would be a flat plain of electrical current spreading out like a rectangle 20 feet right, left, forward, and backwards.)

Ability 4: Seitekina zōn- This technique allows the user to emite a constant amount of static electricity from his body. Because of the constant presence of electricity the user is basically surrounded by their own reiatsu. The longer the fight goes on the larger the area of reiatsu spread happens. The user is able to sense a disturbance in their reiatsu best, and because of this within a certain range of three feet out from the user they are able to feel attacks or anything approaching. In this area of static electricity the user feels a slight, "disturbance", in their reiatsu. (In about 10 Rp's the user would be able to increase the zone to 6 feet. Every 10 rp's the zone increases by three feet.)

(These techniques are all based on how much reiatsu is put out, if I decide to only play with someone and I used a lightning bolt I could basically stun them for one second instead of two, or three. The stunning effect is also based on how directly/indirectly the target was hit.)

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Re: (Previous)Jaret's Ress. App.

Post  Nier on Sun Mar 04, 2012 5:31 pm

This is way OP, the fact that you can manipulate electricity in any way is bad enough but that's just res, I don't even want to know how bad Segunda Etapa would be.

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