Liquid Ocelot's Custom Zan app

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Liquid Ocelot's Custom Zan app

Post  Skuller on Sat Mar 03, 2012 12:44 am

Shikai Name: Injekutā
Shikai Call: Fill them up...Injekutā...
Bankai Name :Gōruden Injekutā
Bankai Call :Delute...Purify...and Create...Gōruden Injekutā

Reiatsu Drain: The shikai is slightly less than the standard Shikai , due to the fact it has no real abilities. The bankai's is around the standard area of Drain how ever.

Shikai appearance.
The Shikai turns into a pair of golden gauntlet's . The gauntlet cover's both of Liquid's hand's. The Shikai has a small open hole on the palm, which is used to implant poison's and other stuff into it, The poison will leak out of small spike's on the knuckle's.There is a hole on the palm of the gauntlet to release the poison in a cloud form if needed.

Shikai Abilities.
Kumo Hōshutsu: This ability is the release of the poison in a cloud form. It is MUCH weaker than when the poison is applied directly in liquid form ,but is used to help with long distance, and large area's.

Ekitai Chūsha: The solid liquid form of poison being released into someone else's body through contact with the blade and releasing of poison as it drags along the body. This poison is much stronger than the Kumo, due to the fact that it is concentrated. But the poison may take a bit to effect depending on the selected poison and the area applied.

Slight enhance to Speed.

Bankai Appearance
Both arm's becomes complete solid gold ,all the way up to the connection of the shoulder joint and the collar bone . My nail's on my finger's are now be VERY Sharp, sharper than the Average Zanpakutou. The arm and hand will be completely flex-able , basicly as if it wasnt made of Solid gold. There is small part of the outside area of the arm which is slightly more clear then the rest of the arm. This is the vial which hold's the poison's. There is also a hole in the top of the shoulder to input poison inside of.

Bankai Abilities
Kishaku suru: This technique Dilute's the poison or Serum inside of the arm currently, this would be used if Liquid wished to take a subject in alive. This effect cannot be stacked with Chimei-tekina sōzō.

Gyōshuku suru: This technique Condense's the poison inside the arm currently, to make it have a heavier effect. This effect cannot be stacked with Chimei-tekina Sozo

Chimei-tekina sōzō: This technique is used for the creation of new poison's INSIDE the bankai. These poison's are MUCH weaker than one's Self applied by Liquid.

Doku no tsume: This technique can use poison created from Chimei-Tekina, and form it into a sort of Slashing attack. This further weaken's the poison, but allow's it a chance to spread quicker by covering a larger surface area.

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Re: Liquid Ocelot's Custom Zan app

Post  Nier on Sun Mar 04, 2012 5:26 pm


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