Glädviur Lèlouch's Resurrección

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Glädviur Lèlouch's Resurrección

Post  Darwin Blake on Mon Feb 27, 2012 10:39 pm

Resurrección Name: La Dolorosa (The Sorrowful)
Resurrección Call: Coexist with me...
Resurrección Type: Electromagnetism

Resurrección Activation Description: First, a mask appears over Lèlouch's face via the substance that is commonly shown when an inner hollow attempts to take control of it's host (Hollowification-look-alike.) Then a small burst of dark, slightly-purplish reaitsu forms and smothers him for a few moments before fading away, revealing his new form.

Resurrección Appearance Description: Basically, Lèlouch now looks very similar to that of the classic Vasto Lordes, except with a few differences. For one, his hollow hole is in the center of the face, all of his facial features gone. His body is more buff and slightly-heavily armored as well. His Zanpakuto fused with him upon release and, therefore, Lèlouch usually resorts to creating reiryoku blades/spears when it comes to fighting with others who use their Zanpakuto.

Resurrección Abilities:

- (Offensive) Lèlouch cannot speak, whether released or not. He, instead, naturally creates strands of electrons that allow him to send and receive thoughts from others. While released, Lèlouch can strengthen these bonds to the point where he can overpower and take over the minds of those who are considerably weaker than himself.
- (Defensive) Lèlouch's regeneration abilities are, basically, nonexistent. Small wounds/injuries/cuts are sealed with the hollow-virus and made brand new. Limbs that are cut off will simply be healed back at the cost of a considerable amount of reaitsu and are fairly weak for a few hours and can be easily ripped back off.
- (Passive) Lèlouch's outer-armor/skin constantly rebuilds itself upon breaking and is unusually resilient to breaking when compared to that of other arrancars.
- (Defensive) Lèlouch, like many arrancars, can use various objects to turn into portals via a form of garganta. By simply stating "Garganta Maximus", Lèlouch can use any highly reflective surface larger than himself to travel through to a pre-set location.
- (Offensive) Lèlouch can charge a bala with other particles such as electrons to make them incredibly fast. He would do this by simply stating: "Bala Eléctrica" in his mind and then shooting it from one of his palms/fist.

Resurrección Enhancements : Incredible speed boost and a greatly increased 'defense'.

Segunda Muerte (Second Death) Name: Segunda Muerte
Segunda Muerte Call: N/A
Segunda Muerte Type: Loneliness

Segunda Muerte Activation Description: When Lèlouch is dying/near death, a column of dark, purple reaitsu will erupt from the ground and consume him. It will then fade away after a few seconds.

Segunda Muerte Appearance Description: Lèlouch looks more like his sealed form than his ressureccion. He wears a black shroud that covers most of his lower body and wraps around his shoulders. He has a fairly long scythe attatched to his sword arm with his chain of fate. His hollow hole is now directly over where his heart should be, and Lèlouch can now speak out-loud. Blackish fur covers various parts of his body and billows up constantly due to being charged with electricity.

Segunda Muerte Abilities:

- (Passive) Lèlouch retains all the techniques/abilities from Ress/Sealed forms, only more powerful.
- (Passive) Lèlouch's scythe drains negatively charged particles (Electrons) from anything it touches, using it to fuel attacks.
- (Defensive) Lèlouch's chain of fate was never eroded/corrupted, so his becoming a hollow is unknown. When it is broken, Lèlouch seems to be able to move much faster and is able to deflect/negate higher-numbered Kido, Hadou, etc. In exchange for this, Lèlouch reaches a peak to where he can no longer regenerate reaitsu, and will eventually be forced to rely completly on electricity if he stays in this form for too long.

Las Lágrimas Que Caen[Special Passive] - Lèlouch uses reaitsu along with controlled amounts of electricity (strands of electrons) to create an overwhelmingly powerful field of spiritual pressure that is double that of which Lèlouch naturally projects after he releases. Within this field, he can magneticly repulse/attract objects that are sensitive and/or capable of becoming magents.

Segunda Muerte Enhancements: Dramatic increase in spiritual preassure, stronger telekinesis.

- Segunda Muerte =/= Segunda Etapa. It is not a second ress.
- If you find one/various abilities to be OP'd, then I will make them weaker/discard them all-together.
- Lèlouch isn't invincible. He can die before he goes into Segunda Muerte.

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Re: Glädviur Lèlouch's Resurrección

Post  Nier on Sun Mar 04, 2012 7:58 pm

The abilities aren't too Op by themselves but try to keep the speed within reason. Other then that it's approved.

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