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Maxxum's Zanpakutou

Post  Maxxum on Mon Feb 27, 2012 1:51 am

Zanpakutou Name: Atosaki (Order)

Shikai call: Opposing forces, come together and create balance, Atosaki!

Bankai Name: Konran Heki (Chaos Breaker), Atosaki!

Zanpakutou Type: Balance (Doesn't really have a specific type since it uses various elements in its attacks)

Shikai appearance: The Zanpakutou splits into two different swords. The sword in the right hand has a golden guard that curves up towards the blade in a cup-like shape, and the blade made of a plasmatic semisolid energy, glowing bright gold, similar to a lightsabre. Unlike a lightsabre, however, the blade is flat rather than cylindrical, and stays relatively the same width, up until a point about two inches from the end of the blade, where it comes to an even tip. The sword in the left hand has a metallic grey hilt that points downward at either edge of the blade. The blade is also made of energy, but a dark purple/blue color rather than golden, mimicking the same shape as the other sword's blade.

Shikai Abilities:
Rai Ame (Lightning Rain): The golden blade can release vast ammounts of Reiatsu into the air, which rapidly rises into the sky. There, it begins to attract the clouds in the sky to the general area above the user. The clouds quickly turn black as the Reiatsu charges the air. Through further manipulating the energy, the user can direct fast, precise bolts of lightning at the any opponents in the area.

Oni Hi (Demon Blaze): As for the black sword, the user can easily channel his Reiatsu into the blade. The Reiatsu then mixes with the blade itself, gathering in strength. The user can then point the tip of the blade at any target, and rapidly fire dark blue, flaming, skull-shaped blasts of Reiatsu at his opponent. The blasts alone are not very powerful, but their speed can cause the damage they inflict to quickly add up.

Bankai appearance: The two blades fuse once again into a single sword. This sword has a pure black handle and guard. The guard is similar to the black blades, except it extends upwards, and on all four sides of the blade rather than just the edged sides. The blade's color is green, and is longer and broader than the previous two swords. Multiple smaller beams of energy shoot out of the base of the blade, similar to sunbeams piercing through thick cloud cover, but not extending more than an inch or two in length. The wielder also dons a suit of highly reflective plate body armor, resembling silver but is stronger than most naturally occuring metals, due to the fact that it is composed of Reishi. The armor covers most of the user's body, excluding the neck and head.

Bankai Abilities:
Hanatsu Bakudan (Fire Bomb): The user charges Reiatsu into the blade, which begins to glow brightly. With a quick slash, a large wave of heat is sent forth from the blade towards the target. Upon colliding with the target, the attack erupts into a large pillar of fire that extends several yards vertically, and has a large enough diameter to swallow a motorcycle or small car.

Koori Nekan (Ice Coffin): The blade begins to draw heat energy from the air in various, scattered locations. The lack of heat in these areas causes the moisture in the air to rapidly freeze, resulting in several large chunks of ice forming. The blade then uses the absorbed energy to grab hold of the chunks of ice, and is then directed at the opponent, attempting to encompass them in the ice completely until they suffocate, freeze to death, or gets crushed by the pressure of the ice. Alternatively, the ice can be simply used as a projectile to inflict basic physical damage on the opponent.

Genki Keta (Energy Column): The user stabs the ground with the blade, focusing Reiatsu into it. With incredible speed, the blade extends down into the ground. There, it curves back up underneath the opponent. It then unleashes a massive column of bright blue energy that extends straight up into the sky for miles. The attack radius is slightly larger in diameter than Hanatsu Bakudan, and isn't an elemental attack.

Level of Difficulty to Use and Master: Shikai 30, Bankai 65
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