Drea's Zanpakuto Releases

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Drea's Zanpakuto Releases

Post  DreaCupcake on Sun Feb 26, 2012 5:01 pm

Shikai Name: Rai-kei(Lightning-Whip)
Shikai Call: Crack like the roaring thunder, Rai-kei!
Bankai Name: Migoto Rai-kei(Beautiful Lightning-Whip)
Bankai Call: Show your Majestic Fury to strike down our enemies, Migoto Rai-kei!

Reiatsu Drain: About average that of a Shinigami's Zanpakuto release.

Description: In Shikai, the Zanpakuto blade morphs into a light indigo color whip that glows, the whip can become a semi-solid when launched and the level of solidity can only be changed while the whip is stationary at my side. The level of solidity ranges from pure solid, to pure energy, pure energy does more damage, typically, but drains a hefty ammount. The whip is charged with electrical currents, and due to the nature of electrical currents, tightens up a target's muscle temporarily on impact for up to ten seconds. The whip is incredibly fast and hard to dodge close up, and can extend to 50 meters in length, however, the ability for a target to dodge increases with the required length needed to hit the target. If a target is one three meters away, it'd be nearly impossible to dodge, but if the target is 50 meters away, they stand more a chance of dodging. Shikai's most useful ability is to be able to change the whip into an electric sword that stays at no longer than 2 meters long, and is always solid. The shikai can also shoot of small waves of energy with a slash movement. Finally, in both shikai and bankai, the user has control of electricity in the area, allowing them an ability like Hitsugaya, but instead of water, it is electricity.

In Bankai, user generates massive electrical energy around themself, creating a purple/Indigo suit of armor made out of pure electric-based energy. The user also generates a sword. (Similiar to Skyrim's Bound Sword in appearance.) The sword is about two meters in length and is wielded in the left hand, the whip is still in the right. The whip doesn't change much in appearance but it becomes faster and stronger in bankai. The Armor makes it hard to do melee damage without the attacker being electrocuted on contact, even with a zanpakuto the Metal would just conduct the energy through. However, with powerful enough Kido or other Rei based attacks, the user of the armor can be damaged with no drawbacks to the attacker other than the natural drain of the attack they used. Finally, in Bankai, the user can combine both the sword and whip into a giant sword called Majestic Fury, this sword is 25 meters in length and can still be swung fast as the smaller 2 meter sword, however, the drain of it is MUCH MUCH heavier, making this skill drain away bankai in about three-five swings without proper training. Is able to summon up a pillar of Electricity from the ground up to her opponent, or from the ceiling down. The Pillar requires a special chant, and launches almost immediately after the chant is complete. In order to do the chant, the user must stand up straight and turn the sword pointing straight up or straight down depending on the direction the pillar is coming from.

Level of Difficulty to Use and Master: Shikai 25, Bankai 70, Majestic Fury(Can only be used in bankai) 99.
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