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Administration Ranks

Post  Maxdax222 on Fri Jul 08, 2011 1:35 pm

I don't know why, but I generally prefer a games administration when there are more than 3 ranks, most of the games I've administrated have had a total of at least 8 ranks. So I had a suggestion for this one*:

  • Game Owner - In charge of the administration, Hishido.

  • Wipe Leader - The current person in charge of the wipe.

  • Administrator - More permissions than Trial, and moderators.

  • Trial Administrator - Someone who was a moderator/event moderator, which has earned the right to be tested for administrator.

  • Event Moderator - The people in charge of the events.

  • Moderator - A normal moderator, which rewards, etc.

  • Trial Moderator - An enforcer which has earned the right to be tested for Moderator.

  • Enforcer - People which can only summon/teleport/RP spy/reward RP/GM talk/Mute.

  • Trial Enforcer - A player who has earned the right to be tested for enforcer.

*They've been written according to their authority.
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