Jaret's Custom Zanpaktou(Revised)

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Jaret's Custom Zanpaktou(Revised)

Post  Jaret on Sat Feb 25, 2012 6:52 pm

Name: Regulus

Call: Control the Heavens!

Shikai: In shikai the user is given control over "nature" as long as it is within a area or zone that they create and claim to be their own. In the area that they have created they are given increased awareness and sensitivity to the land/environment in their area or zone.

Shikai Abilities

Ability 1: Kyukyoku no ishiki(Ultimate Awareness) This is the area or zone that the user would have to first create in order to connect his body with the nature around him. Depending on the power that is let out determines the size of the zone, which is often in a dome shape. The zone can not be seen but it is felt, often ranging to about 30 feet in every direction of the user. The zone is centered on the user, so where they go the zone follows, as long as the user is WITHIN the zone they are able to use all of their abilities. Along with the increased awareness of everything that happens in the zone because of the connection with everything living in that zone.

Ability 2: Tsurī no sōsa(Tree Manipulation) This gives the user the ability to create and manipulate wood as long as it is able to grow from fertile ground within the users "Kyukyoku no ishiki" technique. Without this active the "Tsuri no sosa" can not be used. The technique could be used in many variations to control any part of the tree, such as using the roots as a whip or using parts of the wood, sharpening it, and fireing it at the opponent, or even just crafting the wood into objects that would be advantageous in battle.

Ability 3: Kana Romaji(Dense Forest) This allows the user, at a great reiatsu exspense, to make the area within the "Kyukyoku no ishiki" full of vegetation and life. In this area the "Tsuri no sosa" would have more power, and would be able to be controlled and used better. This technique could also be used for stealth because of tall grass, or lots of trees, it's appearance, thickness, and density all is determined by the amount of reiatsu out-put and the design intended.

Bankai: In bankai the abilities would simply be enhanced, the user would have a larger "Kyukyoku no ishiki" range, and the longevity and amount of reiatsu that could be output would increase. Often his clothes can begin to grow branches out of it for a further connection to nature, and quicker use of their wood like abilities..

Bankai Abilities

Ability 1: Bokutō(Wooden Sword): This ability would allow for the strengthening of the user's sword. Wood could be attached to the sword to either increase its length and be constantly added to as long as the sword does not exit the "Kyukyoku no ishiki". It would often be used to simply give the sword more length, strength, or sharpness.

Ability 2:Mokusei no yoroi(Wooden Armor): With this ability the wood/plants that would begin to grow on the user because of bankai would grow to perfectly fit every piece of the body to increase defensive prowess. Because of the connection with nature and the reiatsu and that is taken from the user the armor would have a reiatsu outer layer of protection. The only problem is that the mobility of the user would be lessend unless they traded full protection for easier movement. To get easier movement the joints would have to be left uncovered, thus allowing for weak points that would cause the reiatsu shield to be incomplete.

Ability 3(Rare): Enerugī kyūin(Energy Suction): This technique would cause the "Kyukyoku no Ishiki" to deactivate for 10 minutes do to the amount of energy needed to activate it. The person who the technique is used on would begin to have roots, branches, and leaves grow out of his body. A tree's leaves and branches would begin to grow out of the person and engulf them slowly sucking out their reiatsu. The caster of the technique will be immobolized because of the concentration needed to execute the technique. The technique only lasts for two minutes, and both people must be inside of the "Kyukyoku no Ishiki" dureing the entire duration. If either person leaves the "Kyukyoku no Ishiki"the technique deactivates and the Kyukyoku no Ishiki will deactivate for the set time.

The draw backs of using this shikai/bankai would be that because of the connection with nature, all the damage that is done to the land inside of the"Kyukyoku no Ishiki"does damage to the user as well. So if any explosive damage were to happen to the ground or trees in the zone the user would also feel the pain.

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Re: Jaret's Custom Zanpaktou(Revised)

Post  Hishido on Sun Feb 26, 2012 10:45 am

Love it. Approved.

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