Vaizard rules.

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Vaizard rules.

Post  Ferin on Sat Feb 25, 2012 6:04 am

Rule #1: Most important... Hollowfication is NOT to occur without admin approval. The boost it provides is too much to just go around using it to death avoid.

Rule #2: The back room of the warehouse is ICly 'off limits'. Anyone who makes an attempt to enter will be stunned with an extremely high voltage of electricity.

Rule #3: I will not allow just 'anyone' to become a vaizard. If you are a roleplayer of acceptable skill, I will approach you oocly.

Rule #4: An elaboration on three... Once you ARE a vaizard, I expect the roleplaying to maintain its level of enjoyability. No slacking off, or utilising your mask/hollow to 'godmode'.

Rule #5: Any major actions must be given IC permission from Minochi Suidouya. EX: Going to the Soul Society, starting a major conflict. But that should go without saying.

Rule #6: Just... Don't be stupid, in summary.
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