Doom's Zan Alternative

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Doom's Zan Alternative

Post  PimpJuice on Sat Feb 25, 2012 6:01 am

Shikai: Bara (Rose) Action word: Wilt

Apearance:Katana with a hilt guard covered in thorns.

Abilities: Akaira (Bloody Thorn)- Sharp rose vines comes up from the ground ensnaring the enemy. This gives the wielder control of the enemies life. this move is used to bind the enemy and or kill the enemy by puncturing their organs with its sharp thorns.

Kaze No Satsu (Bewitching wind) Creates a stream of rose petals used as a defense to block kidou based attack and cero attacks. This move can be used for offensive purposes but it takes up a large portion of spirit energy to use it for offense.

Hakujou (Exploitation) This skill is basically a last resort in a battle. This move expels vines from the blade. when its in contact with an enemy it drains their spirit energy. With the energy thats drained is then absorbed by the wielder. Spirit energy is rejuvenated but To much energy causes a spiritual pressure overload.

Bankai: ChishioBara (Blood rose)

Apearance: A gauntlet apears on the left arm with a sharp claw. the sword is still placed in the right hand.

Abilities: Previous abilities are enhanced.

Hakujou Satsu (Cruel exploitation) Vines come out of the claw of the gauntlet binding the enemy, Rose petals float around the bound enemy. The rose petals Stab the enemy repeatedly. after enough torture the vine completely engulfs the enemy crushing them till they are no more.

THe bankai would be a last resort because of its power and it can cause a gruesome death. Bara is basically a torture zanpaktou.

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Re: Doom's Zan Alternative

Post  Hishido on Sat Feb 25, 2012 12:11 pm

Love it. Approved.

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