Doom's Zanpaktou

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Doom's Zanpaktou

Post  PimpJuice on Sat Feb 25, 2012 5:07 am

Zanpakuto's name: Seirei (Decree)

Release: Kisoku to Nori (Rule and Law)

Shikai abilities: 1st Decree- Once declared no kidou can be used within a set radius of the Decree, until the decree is changed or dismissed.
(Or limited to a certain type of kidou hadou, bakudou, etc.)
2nd Decree- Once declared no Zanpaktuo can use their abilities within a set radius of the Decree, until the decree is changed or dismissed.

3rd Decree- Once declared no bankai can be called within a set radius of Decree, until the decree is changed or dismissed.

**Side note: the radius of decree ranges from 300 feet, and only one decree can be called at a time and the wielder must also abide by the decree declared, with the exception of the 2nd Decree.

Bankai: Erai Okami Seirei (Great Emperor’s Decree)

Bankai Abilities: Emperor’s 1st Decree: Tribute- this allows the wielder to take another person’s reatsu to heal himself by coming into physical contact with another person.
Ex: If I were to hit you or come into contact with your blade then I drain some reastu and heal.

Emperor’s 2nd Decree: Fortification- all damage done to the wielder is halved each time he receives the same attack.
Ex: Let’s say if I were hit by one petal from Byakuya Kuchiki’s “Senbonzakura Kageyoshi” then every time after that they do half the damage, and divides it even more with each hit.

Emperor’s Judgment- The wielder sets one rule to be obeyed by everyone in the radius and it can change each time the wielder declares the “Emperor’s Judgment” if the rule is broken by any person, then that person feels the force of everyone’s reastu fall down upon them crushing them into oblivion, the wielder must also obey the rule.

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Re: Doom's Zanpaktou

Post  Hishido on Sat Feb 25, 2012 12:09 pm

Rejected. Too overpowered.

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