Bido's Zanpakato

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Bido's Zanpakato

Post  Bido on Sun Feb 19, 2012 8:33 pm

Zanpakutou Name: Byokurai

Zanpakutou Call Ex: May winds pass all upon your summoning,

Bankai Name: Ex: Vidonyke Byokurai

Zanpakutou Type: Air

Shikai Abilities

Ability 1 - Creates gusts when swung in a direction at high speeds. Example: If I swung at someone from far away, a gust of wind would be sent out at a very high speed towards the person, and if it hit him would do the damage the sword would have on direct hit.

Ability 2 (Rarely done) - Bido would hold up his zanpakato in shikai form and yell "Suck up all enemies, Byokurai!" The zanpakato would then begin sucking up surroundings. Bido would then point his sword at the enemy and say "Release" and everything sucked up would shoot at the enemy. The disadvantages are 1. It greatly fatigues you and passes you out the until you master it more. 2. It can easily be stopped by a simple touch of the arm.

Shikai Qualities: It gets spikes on the sides of it like a meat beaters spikes.

Bankai Abilities

Ability 1 - Does what the shikai's rare ability does, but also rapidly sucks reiatsu and absorbs it into Bido's body. It also does not fatigue you as much, and requires to be knocked out of the hands to stop.

Ability 2 - Is similar to the shikai's main ability, but does not send a gust, but instead instantly cuts and is impossible to dodge

Ability 3 (Rare) - Bido can point the tip of his blade at his enemy, then say "Trap!" Air will rush out of his zanpakato and create a gust box around the enemy, even under ground. If the enemy touches one of the walls, they will get cut quickly. Also if something is thrown into the box then it will fly at great speeds once reaches the walls. You can enter in the walls but not leave. Bido would say "Stop!" to release the enemy. If while trapped a reiatsu ball was sent into the wall, it would zoom through and if it hit the enemy would greatly damage him and push him into the gust wall, where he would bounce of with scratches on his back.

Bankai Qualities: It looks like a big version of the original with a black blade
Your own appearance - It is like a scimitar because it is air element and scimitars use air to their advantage
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