The Cicatriz Race

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The Cicatriz Race

Post  Mukanshin Yamiyo on Sat Feb 11, 2012 4:55 am

Here's the breakdown of how the "Cicatriz" came about in game... (I apologize for any extended walls in advance)

As Espada #6, Amyr was wounded on her leg. I commented that I didn't have any bandages, or healing abilities. However, the realization hit me that I DID have high-speed regeneration, that would heal me rapidly after a couple seconds. So, then the idea entered my mind, what if I used my regenerating skin on her? So, I sliced a large-enough piece of my flesh from my hand and placed it into the wound on her leg. Her wound sizzled and smoke rose from it as the Arrancar/Espada flesh touched her and began regenerating, latching onto her. With pain and smoke, it sealed her wound completely, leaving a white patch, surrounded by white lines in a cracking pattern. This cracking pattern is like the pattern of a dry lake bed and it extends outward from the main white patch for about an inch. I warned her to be careful, that I didn't know what the long-term side effects would be of having that flesh in her.

Later in the game--the next day, or after--I had met Shuusuke and was talking to him. We ended up running into John Marigold's character. Needless to say, he was less-than cordial. Specifically, threatening at every chance, it seemed. (to both Shuusuke's character and myself) This offended my character greatly. The idea hit me, what if I do this to Shuusuke, but charge the flesh with my own reiatsu? It should hold it, as it's MY flesh afterall... So, after finding Shuusuke again, I asked him if he wanted more power. He said he did to survive attacks from people like John. After telling him to come with me, I opened a Garganta, and shortly thereafter, we were standing in Hueco Mundo. I told him to bare his chest and slash himself along his sternum. He bared his chest, but said he'd rather if I slashed him. After removing a long vertical piece of flesh with a sound of steel cutting steel, (due to my dense hierro) I violently slashed him, vertically, along his sternum, then thrust the flesh into the wound. However, this time, as it was healing, I poured a large amount of my own reiatsu into the flesh and told him it would act as an "emergency supply" of power should he need it. A reservoir that he could draw from to increase his power in addition to what he was already capable of. However! He would need to be incredibly careful, because I didn't know the side effects to using said power, especially 100% of it at the same time. I also informed him that the reiatsu stored within it would regenerate at the same natural rate that his reiatsu would recover.

I had finally reached the RP level set by Magus to activate my Resureccion ICly at this point. So, I asked Shuusuke if he wanted to RP with me so I could Res for the first time, and he would get a chance to play around with the scar and it's power. He agreed, and we began to RP. Long story short, by the end of the battle, he was at 110% scar power and he ended up getting his left arm ripped off at the shoulder. While on the ground, after the initial blood spray, a white liquid began to slowly leak from the wound and form into bone, then muscle, and so on, until he had an ashen white, humanoid arm. (it took several RP rounds to regenerate his arm. The regeneration isn't fast by any means, it's much slower than an Arrancar's regular regeneration) The original scar has the same hierro of the Arrancar (me, in this case super dense) that embedded it into him. However, since the power from the scar had mixed with his Shinigami self, the hierro on the arm was weaker. The Hierro on the arm is strong enough to stop zanpakuto of equal power. (equal to his regular shinigami power, and his RP power) However, anything higher than his power, the hierro would have little effect. Like the area around the scar on his chest, his shoulder and torso area around the newly-formed arm has those white cracks as well. Because of his 110% usage of the power in his scar, the cracks around his chest had extended 2-3 inches more. On the side of his newly-formed arm, the cracks from his arm and the cracks from his chest have merged. So, now, there skin on that side of his chest and shoulder has a complete, white cracking pattern on it.

From here on, I had been thinking about this ability dealing with my high-speed regeneration that sort-of had just created itself. When, later that day, I think it was, before bed, Amyr commented how I have my own race now. And, both Shuusuke and Amyr began talking about it. When she said that, I laughed to myself and asked myself, "if I had my own race, what would I call it? Well, the Arrancar stuff is in Spanish, so it would have to be in Spanish as well." So, I typed "scar" into a translator, and it came back with "Cicatriz." (later, I asked my GF and she said it was Cicatriz as well. She's fluent in Spanish--it's her native tongue) When Amyr then said she wondered what the name would be, I told her I had just finished looking at that already. I ask her and Shuusuke, what they thought about calling it the "Cicatriz." They really liked the name, so I settled with that. We begun talking about it a little bit. And I listed off all the things that needed to be figured out for it, and how it needed to be refined and polished and, of course, above all, balanced--to be fair and in-line with all the other races.

After they went to bed, I let my imagination run, with a translator open, and asking my GF if... "this really means that," and so on. After typing it all up in a notepad file all night, and some more today, I had a mostly-finished version of the Cicatriz. So, I talked it over with Sui, and he helped me with a couple missed points, and to iron out an area or two that I had missed/wasn't sure about. All-in-all, when he was happy with it, it was STILL my original concept. I love it when my imagination creates things on it's own like this, they flow so well! But, with that said, I have the final version of it ironed out, thanks to Sui's help. So far, Amyr, Sui, and apparently Wil too, of the staff, like it. Shuusuke really likes it as well. Sui said I should have it approved by the other staff as well, before considering it to be it's own thing. We eventually settled on typing up a fully-detailed post containing all the information on the Cicatriz, in the Suggestions forum, for the staff (and players) and Hishido, of course, to vote on. Regardless of how this goes, I love the idea I've created, and I'm considering writing a story about it. (might as well, since writing is what I do as a main hobby. It's my talent)

So, here we are at the forum post! Sorry for the extended introduction, but I tend to naturally type at length, and I felt it was important for everyone to know how the concept/race kinda developed itself, then was refined.

First, a little introduction story, containing the name of the Figure I came up with, Grieta Alma. (which basically means like a huge rift/tear/fissure in spirit. A greatly torn spirit. Sadly, the name breaks with the tradition of doubling-up of one or more letters. But, if that were to apply, part of the name, or the name, in entirety, wouldn't mean anything at all. So, for meaning, I think it's a reasonable sacrifice)
(please pardon the lack of indentation, as tabbing has different affects in a browser)

Grieta Alma had never like Sosuke Aizen's ways or plans. Even from the time he became an Arrancar, then an even shorter time while he was a quickly-replaced Espada. As insulting as it was to be replaced, he was glad he no-longer had to serve Aizen's every whim. Once his duties were no longer required by Aizen, as an Espada, he set out on his own. He considered himself his own entity, needing not to bow to anyone.

After learning of Aizen's defeat and imprisonment, Grieta waited for things to calm down in the world of the living, Earth. Months passed for humans and as time went on, everyone returned to their normal lives. Once he was sure it was safe-enough, Grieta opened a Garganta to Earth and stepped through. He was unaware what repercussions this simple action would have, or the ripples it would send out, flowing through the area. Before he could spend even an hour enjoying Earth, he was confronted by a woman wearing a black outfit. Her reiatsu felt to him like that of Aizen, but much weaker. Aizen had once said to a group of Arrancar that Grieta was in, that he used to be something called a "Shinigami." Grieta conjectured that she must be a Shinigami as well, however a much weaker one.

"Stop right there!" the woman called out, her command full of force. She was short and petite, but the force of her tone was three-times her size, "What are you doing here, Arrancar?! I thought you had all been taken care of!" Politely, Grieta stops in his tracks. However, he silently turns around and begins to walk away, unimpressed with the weakness of the girl. She calls out, angrily, "I told you to stop!" As she speaks again, she draws her zanpakuto. Hearing this sound, Grieta stops in his tracks, "Whirl the world in your wake, Sakura!" she calls out loudly, causing her blade to glow! Her zanpakuto shifts in shape, until the blade solidifies in an undulating pattern, the guard of the hilt shifts to resemble a gathering of flower petals, with another small gathering below the handle, on the butt of the hilt. She charges with force, her zanpakuto at the ready to strike him down!

Once she reaches him, what sounds like thunder can be heard as Grieta drops to a knee, and pushes his hand upward. The woman's strike misses Grieta by what appears to be miles. His hand collides with her abdomen in more of a pushing motion, than a striking motion. He flicks his hand, causing the female shinigami to flip upside down, careening into a lamp post! The impact tears part of the lamp post open and as she slides downward, it opens a wide gash on her leg. To the humans in the world around them, it appears as if a lamp post has just collapsed. As she lays there, her zanpakuto reverts back to it's original form as she groans and moves slightly with her eye's closed. Grieta approaches her silently at first, but seeing her injured state, he can't help himself, "I'm sorry, but you gave me no other choice." he finally speaks. In response, she opens her eyes slowly. However, being the low-level Shinigami that she was, the impact from Grieta's defensive attack took a lot out of her. The female Shinigami's head is still swimming as she lays there, trying to gather herself to back away, "your leg..." Grieta begins, "I'm sorry, but I don't have any way to heal you... You're bleeding pretty badly." Suddenly, the idea strikes Grieta: he had always been extremely gifted in regeneration. What if he gave her part of his regenerative flesh?

Grieta kneels silently next to the Shinigami, as he draws his zanpakuto, "n-no..." the Shinigami weakly mutters.

"I'm not going to hurt you," Grieta responds calmly, as he unzips the long zipper on the forearm of his white leather outfit. Once his ashen white skin is bare, he brings his zanpakuto up and, with the sound of steel slicing through steel, he slowly slices off a big-enough piece of his arm to insert into her wound. As soon as the flesh is free, his arm can be seen to regenerate itself back into its pristine condition. Sheathing his zanpakuto, he readies the flesh in his hand, then grabs her sock-covered ankle with his other hand. She tries to pull away, but she's just too weak from the impact still. Grieta places the Arrancar flesh into the female Shinigami's wound. As soon as it touches her skin, the wound begins to sizzle and plumes of smoke begin to wisp upward. The female Shinigami winces and lets out a whimper of pain. As the wound sizzles, the Arrancar flesh can be seen to react, regenerating itself, and her body, latching itself onto the edges of the wound. Over the next several seconds, the wound is healed and pulled closed.

Once the wound is healed completely, the Grieta's flesh invades the female Shinigami's flesh slightly, creating a cracked-pattern in white in her skin. Once the wound is finished mending, and her skin changing slightly around the wound about an inch, the pain subsides and the Shinigami stops whimpering, "there..." Grieta begins, "you're all better now. See? Not all Arrancar are evil... We each have our own ambition." As he speaks, the female Shinigami gazes with wide eyes at the white scar that was once her wound.

"T-thank," she sheepishly appreciates.

"Forgive me, name is Grieta Alma. Please, just call me Grieta," he apologizes.

"O-okay, ...Grieta. T-thank you." she repeats, "m-my name is Azura..."

From behind them, they suddenly hear a stern man's voice shout, "stop what you're doing!! Back away from her, you bastard!"

Grieta turns slightly, looking over his shoulder, peering past him, Azura also looks. Behind them, they see another Shinigami standing there, his zanpakuto already released! In his hands, his zanpakuto is a pair of twin, elegant, thin swords. Each of the swords are about three-and-a-half feet long, "Who is that?" Grieta asks.

Meekly, Azura responds, "h-he's the, ...Lieutenant of, ...m-my squad. He's name is Kyosuke..."

"Step away from her, Arrancar! You're all supposed to be dead, or in Hueco Mundo! Stay away from Earth!" Kyosuke commands.

"Please, ...don't hurt him." Azura requests.

"I'll have to protect myself should he--" Grieta starts, but before he can finish, Kyosuke lets out a massive blast from his twin swords, slashing with them in the shape of an "X." As they cross, they let out a pulse of kidou-like reiatsu! Grieta stands quickly as the orb rapidly approaches him, drawing his zanpakuto half-way out of the sheath. As the pulse of kidou-like reiatsu slams into the blade of his zanpakuto, it is blocked. The orb flattens slightly as it tries to push past the blade, only to explode a second later, filling the area with a thick cloud of smoke and dust.

"Did I get him...?" Kyosuke thinks to himself silently, trying to peer through the smoke.

Suddenly, Grieta's voice is heard from within the cloud, "cero..." A dark purple light shines from within the cloud, then a cero of the same color blasts its way from within the cloud, punching a hole in it! The cero is extremely powerful. Kyosuke has no time to react as it slams into his chest, punching a deep hole into the center of his chest!

Kyosuke cries out in pain as he shifts backward, blood flying everywhere. As he drops his zanpakuto reverts back to its sealed state, and Azura cries out, "No!!" The smoke clears slowly, revealing Grieta with his arm outward, his index finger pointed toward Kyosuke. Behind him, Azura is on her knees, her eyes wide with shock, "H-he, ...was always, ...kind t-to me..." she begins to cry, tears streaming down her face.

Grieta turns and looks down at her silently, the horn on his partial hollow mask slightly in his vision, "you like him...?"

Azura responds slowly through the tears, "y-yes, ...I do. C-could, p-please, him?" she begs, looking up at him with pitiful eyes, her cheeks completely wet with tears.

Grieta responds, as a groan is heard from Kyosuke, "very well, ...if you wish."

He begins to walk over to Kyosuke who is still motionless on the ground, in a pool of blood. As he takes his first few steps, she whimpers, "t-thank, ...y-you."

As he reaches Kyosuke, Grieta unzips the jacket portion of his outfit bearing his chest. Standing over the fallen Shinigami, Grieta draws his zanpakuto and, with the same steel-cutting-steel sound, he slices a long piece of flesh from his chest. As he kneels beside Kyosuke, he sheathes his zanpakuto, as he places the flesh into Kyosuke's open chest cavity which is still pumping out profuse amounts of blood. A loud sizzling sound can be heard as Kyosuke gasps loudly, arching his back... The Arrancar flesh begins to regenerate in the midst of the sea of blood in his chest cavity, latching onto any nearby flesh, combining itself with it, and pulling the wound closed. As the Arrancar flesh seals the wound, Grieta places his index finger onto it, and begins pumping a large amount of his own reiatsu into the piece of his flesh which has now combined with Kyosuke's body. The dark purple reiatsu flows over him, charging the Arrancar flesh with power.

After several seconds, the wound is healed, and Grieta has finished pumping his reiatsu into the new white portion of Kyosuke's body. As Grieta takes his hand back, resting his forearm on his knee, Kyosuke grasps and begins to breathe deeply, his hand partially covering the dark purple reiatsu flowing from his scar. As Grieta speaks, the flowing reiatsu fades, "how's that, ...feeling much better, are we?"

Kyosuke's eyes dart around quickly, "y-yeah... T-thanks..."

Grieta helps him up, as Azura comes rushing over to them. She notices the white patch on his chest: it's the same as the one on her leg, cracked pattern and everything. As she speaks, with a smile on her face, dried tears can be seen on her cheeks, "Kyo-kun! I'm so glad you're okay!"

He smiles back, gently, "yeah, ...I'm glad you are, too..." Suddenly, his face saddens, as he lowers his head, "but, ...there's a problem we face now..."

Grieta rases an eyebrow, as Azura tilts her head to the side, with a puzzled expression on her face, "w-what? What's that?"

"The Captain Commander, and the Captains will never let us return to the Sereitei, let alone the Soul Society, the way we are now... We're, ...basically outcasts." Kyosuke reasons grimly.

Azura lowers her eyes, the smile on her face fading, "oh, ...yeah, ...I suppose you're right."

Grieta shrugs, "that's okay, ...I suppose you both can come with me, if you like."

Kyosuke and Azura look silently at Grieta for a few seconds in disbelief, before Kyosuke finally responds, "really...?"

Grieta smirks, "yeah, sure... If you guys don't mind staying in Hueco Mundo, or somewhere on Earth."

"I've always wanted to see Hueco Mundo!" Azura calls out happily, but then turns playfully serious for a second, "I always heard it was such a scarrrry place!"

Grieta, still smirking, let's out a small laugh with his mouth closed. Then, drawing his zanpakuto, he slashes the very dimension they're in! As he sheathes his zanpakuto, the air ripples, then shatters like glass, revealing a pitch black void! Kyosuke looks at the void with his eyes wide, "a Garganta..." he comments with his mouth open.

"Yup, ...let's go," Grieta answers as he waves his arm.

The group steps into the Garganta silently... As they enter, Azura thinks to herself, "I-I wonder what Hueco Mundo is like... For that matter, ...I hope Grieta turns out to be a good man, ...he seems to be nice."

Suddenly, Grieta turns his head and looks down at her, "thank you," he responds to her thoughts.

Shocked, she snaps her head toward him, looking upward with wide eyes, "w-w-what...? Y-y-you...?"

Smirking, Grieta responds, "I heard that," with a slight laugh in his voice.

The Garganta closes behind them swiftly. As it seals, other than a broken lamp post and some dried blood, it's as if they were never there at all...

I hope you enjoyed the little story. Now for the relevant details... If this is made official, I request to be the Grieta Figure for the first couple wipes, until the player base is used to them and how they operate, then we can turn the position over to someone who makes an awesome application for it!

Race Name: Cicatriz (meaning: Scar)

Figure/Leader Name: Grieta Alma (meaning: basically a widely/greatly/massively torn/cracked soul)
==The "Grieta Figure"
------Gains +10 RP Level for being a Figure (of course)

Non-Applicable Races (Races which can not become Cicatriz)
==All other races may become a Cicatriz

Race States/Levels: 3
==Rasguño (meaning: scratch)
------The first stage of the Cicatriz. Arrancar/Espada strength flesh is merged with the subject's body, but is not charged with any reiatsu
------Can only achieve the Sangrar (see below) release state.
------Can only use up to 30% Scar Power (required to achieve Sangrar)

==Cortada (meaning: slash/cut)
------The second stage of the Cicatriz. Arrancar/Espada strength flesh is merged with the subject's body, then charged with the Grieta Figure's reiatsu.
------Can only achieve the Sangrar and Destripar (see below) release states.
------Can use all Scar Power and fully "overdrive"
------Comparative Roles From Other Races: Captain, Espada

==Sima (meaning: fissure, originally "Abismo," meaning Abyss, but Sima is more fitting, perhaps)
------The third and final stage of the Cicatriz. The same basic process as the Cortada, but the flesh is super-charged.
------Can achieve all thee releases: Sangrar, Destripar, and Hacerse Nuevo (see below) release states.
------Comparative Roles From Other Races: Senior Captain, Espada Commander, and other non-Figure leadership roles.
------Gains the +5 RP Level boost the same as other comparative roles

Release States: 3 (realistically 2)
==Sangrar (meaning: to bleed)
------Approximate Level: Shikai
------Standard +3 RP Level for Shikai level release
------Applies a change in weapon
------Requires 30% Scar Power

==Destripar (meaning: to eviscerate, to rip open, to gut)
------Approximate Level: Bankai
------Standard +5 RP Level for Bankai level release
------Applies a change in appearance and/or weapon
------Requires 60% Scar Power

==Hacerse Nuevo (meaning: to make new)
------Approximate Level: Segunda Etapa
------Applies a massive change in appearance and weapon
------Incredibly powerful. Aside from the Figure, only 1-2 players might have this per wipe
------Rarely given out. The player must prove themselves in a great way to be approved for this state
------Requires Maximum Percent Scar Power

==You do not have to already know how to go into release to use the Cicatriz releases. If you know any release, its corrupted into its Cicatriz version upon you becoming a Cicatriz.
==However, if you're a Shinigami, your zanpakuto spirit is "Hollowfied," to varying degrees, and it doesn't understand itself anymore. Therefore, it is unable to release in any state it hasn't been taught to release to yet.
------It needs to be taught by the Cicatriz figure to understand itself again to be able to achieve any release (through teaching the owner of the spirit and/or the spirit itself)
------Just because you had Bankai when you became a Cicatriz does not mean you can automatically use Destripar, or continue to use Bankai. You must still be taught Sangrar, then Destripar.

Partial Telepathy/Powerful Suggestion
==The thoughts of the Cicatriz can be selectively heard by the Figure, and vice-versa.
==The Cicatriz are also severely susceptible to the power suggestion of the Figure. While it's not like direct mind control, it is more like selective hypnotism. (example: he'll command, and even if their personality would say "no" they'll eventually say "okay, sure")

Scar Power: At the time you become a Cicatriz, you can use all of your regular power that you would have, if you had not became one. "Power" being a general term, like how a Shinigami Captain has more "Power" than a Shinigami Lieutenant. (this is of course, not counting releases, those are canceled out, explained below)
==The placement of the scar on the body gives additional/accelerated/strengthened abilities/attributes associated with that body part (example: legs - speed, harder kicks... arm - more strength, harder punches... chest - more rei/health, better defense, etc)
==You do NOT have to use the power of the scar to fight
------You CAN fight with your normal power/abilities
------However, you CAN NOT Release normally. Your Releases will become Sangrar/Destripar/Hacerse Nuevo when taught
==Using the corruption of the scar, you can increase your power. This is depicted by reiatsu flowing from the scar. (and stating in the RP how much percent of the scar you're using)
------For every 20% scar power you use, you gain an additional 1 RP level

==You CAN go to 30%, 60%, and higher scar power without releasing. But, you must be at least at that percent of scar power before releasing.
------If you are not at the required percent and you release, you automatically jump to that percent of scar power.
------Releasing to above the required percent does not have any other affect than if you released first, then used your scar power (example: "60% scar power -> Release" is the same thing as "Release -> 60% scar power"

==In addition to gaining the bonus for releasing, you also gain the bonus for going to the required amount of "Scar Power"
------Sangrar gives you +3 RP, and requires 30% Scar Power. The Scar Power gives you an additional 1.5 RP levels. Bringing the total BASE bonus for Sangrar +4.5 RP levels.
------Destripar gives you +5 RP, and requires 60% Scar Power. The Scar Power gives you an additional 3 RP levels. Bringing the total BASE bonus for Destripar to +8 RP levels.
------Hacerse Nuevo gives you +7 RP, and requires MAXIMUM Scar Power. ("maximum" meaning full overdrive, which, unless increased through RPing, is 120%)The Scar Power gives you an additional 6 RP levels. (at least) Bringing the total BASE bonus for Hacerse Nuevo to +13 RP levels.

==The more you use the corrupt power of the scar, the more it affects your physical appearance and mental state (slowly costing you sanity)
------The higher the percent the greater the permanent effects on you

==60% Scar Power is your "Red Line"
------Using 60% or greater Scar Power greatly intensifies the physical effects and debilitating mental effects
------The more often you go over, the higher you go, the greater the effects
------Using Maximum Scar Power too often has severe consequences, such as a massive change in appearance ending in something sort-of resembling "Full-Hollow Ichigo" ("Vasto Lorde Ichigo") when he fought Ulqiuorra, with cracks of human skin on him, glowing eyes, and let's not forget, partial insanity, and possibly wildness, like a feral beast
------Destripar REQUIRES at least 60% Scar Power, thus by using the second release, you risk your personal safety

Maximum Scar Power: Each race/rank can go into "overdrive" with their scar power somewhat. This is allowed by their previous training and ability to bend the power in the scar to their will. Going into "overdrive" is VERY dangerous, since they're pretty much surrendering themselves to the corrupt power of the scar to defeat their opponent. (even if they are bending it to their will) Going into "overdrive" has extremely severe permanent effects to your character, exponentially worse than 60%

==Maximum Percentage: 120%
------This maximum can increase slowly through a lot of RP training
------Each increase must be approved by the Figure, and be a definite percentage

Slow Regeneration
==Much slower than an Arrancar's

Weak Hierro
==On Scars other than the initial Arrancar flesh
==On any regenerated body parts
------Much weaker than an Arrancar's
------Able to resist zanpakuto from equally-powered characters a fair amount
I THINK that's everything. If I missed something, or you guys ask something that I didn't think of, or Sui didn't think to help me iron out, I'll add more and refine it more. I hope it's easy-enough to read... If it's not, I'll be happy to go back and re-format it! Hope you guys like the idea! I know Amyr, Sui, Wil, and Shuusuke already do! Hope it becomes official for this game!

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Re: The Cicatriz Race

Post  Crimson Hatake on Sat Feb 11, 2012 5:18 am

Got my vote
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Re: The Cicatriz Race

Post  Zana_Cioroi on Sat Feb 11, 2012 5:19 am

You already know I'm behind you on this one~
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Re: The Cicatriz Race

Post  Mukanshin Yamiyo on Sat Feb 11, 2012 5:33 am

Thank you to all of you. Special thanks to Amyr =P *clicks thanks button*

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Re: The Cicatriz Race

Post  kabumpe on Sat Feb 11, 2012 5:33 am

Gotz my voteys, nice race :3

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Re: The Cicatriz Race

Post  Toshi on Sat Feb 11, 2012 3:22 pm

Very well done, I think that's great, you may still need to explain some things to me, but you have my vote.
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Re: The Cicatriz Race

Post  Hishido on Sat Feb 11, 2012 4:36 pm

Perhaps as an event race.

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Re: The Cicatriz Race

Post  Nier on Mon Feb 13, 2012 1:01 pm

You got my vote on this, its pretty well thought out and sounds awesome.
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Re: The Cicatriz Race

Post  Darwin Blake on Sat Feb 18, 2012 3:05 am

Seems that the RP Leveling is kinda over the top.

But other than that tiny, insignifigant detail, I completly love this! -*clap, clap*-
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Post  Jaret on Sun Mar 04, 2012 5:17 am

I love the idea, it's completely original and also believable, but I have one concern. It's the same as Darwin's and i'm sure it can and will be tweaked but the Rp levels are Over Powered. I mean Segunda Etapa is the same boost as Bankai, and you allowing for a scar power boost AND a shikai/bankai/(Increased)Segunda Etapa boost? It definately needs to be changed, but other than those I love the idea, I voted for "Hell Yeah!"

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Re: The Cicatriz Race

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