Ryoten's Custom Res App.

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Ryoten's Custom Res App.

Post  LetsPlayBOR on Thu Feb 09, 2012 8:23 am

Resureccion Name: Akatuski.
Resureccion Call: Impale trough their thoughts.
Resureccion Type: Mental/Physical.
Resureccion Activation Description: When activating, Ryoten stabs himself with his Zanpakuto in his chest after what Dark/Purple reiatsu will begin outbursting out of his chest meanwhile immense reiatsu pressure is released.

Resureccion Appearence Description: Akatsuki has two stages of resureccion (Not Segunda.), at first stage his own appearence does not change while Akatsuki forms itself into long broadsword, the guard and the hilt gain a more skeletal appearance while the blade itself is crimson/red color. At second stage his Zanpakuto stay's the same while Ryoten's mask changes its appearance to more like he had when being Adjucha his arms are covered by small layer of black fur, his top[Arrancar Suit] seems to be ragged around the chest making it possible for others to see his hollow hole.

Resureccion Abilities:

RecuperaciĆ³n[Special Ability] - This ability gives Ryoten 3 lives. When Resureccion is activated Ryoten will appear to be glowing bright yellow/gold humanoid after what it will fade away and Ryoten will be regular again within few seconds, while activated he does not gain any initial benefit from it. When Ryoten suffers from deadly/injury which is enough to kill him, he will shatter like glass with an noisy shattering sound while the shattered glass effect will fly towards the one who killed him as a distraction, Ryoten will respawn nearby where he was taken down. Each shatter gives Ryoten +33.33% power boost up to 3 times at the end Ryoten will have +100% power boost [Stage Two/Double Power.]

Resureccion Enhancements: Speed,Durability and Strength.

*WARNING* This resureccion does not have Segunda Etapa, Idea was refined By: Mukanshin.

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Re: Ryoten's Custom Res App.

Post  Hishido on Thu Feb 09, 2012 8:29 pm

Approved. Reduce the number of lives to 3.

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