Yasahiro's custom zanpaktuo.

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Yasahiro's custom zanpaktuo.

Post  LetsPlayBOR on Wed Feb 08, 2012 3:56 pm

Name: Kaisui Gekijo (Ocean Water Fury)
Release Command: Kasuke, Kaisui Gekijo (Cascade, Ocean Water Fury)
Materialized Form: A warrior with the body of a man and the head of a shark. He carries the zanpakuto in his hand constantly and has an angry temperament similar to that of Zaraki Kenpachi. He constantly thrives for battle. Completely opposite of his Shinigami master who will accept any open challenge to battle, although his preference is against bloodshed.
Released Form: Shape and design of a normal long katana . The blade itself is shimmering blue & white colours and the hilt's guard has taken shape of shark's head.

Shikai: Kaisui Gekijo is a combination kido/attack based weapon. Upon it's release, streams of highly pressurized water erupt from the sword. This can be activated upon the will of the Yasahiro by controlling the flow his reiatsu. By using the same method of reiatsu control, Yasahiro may shape and angle the water to his choice. The fighting style would end up being similar to that of Kuchiki Byakuya with one deviation, physical attacks are still quite powerful as the water erupting from the sword may be used as a "booster" in order to increase the force and speed of the swing.

Signature Skill(Passive): Suzunari (Overflowing). When the physical attack is used, the water used to charge the attack may flow past the blade in attempt to crush the opponent.

Command: Muhensai Osaeru, Kaisui Gekijo (Infinite Control, Ocean Water Fury)
Appearance/Abilities: The sword looks the same but its users right arm and chest turns to be covered by a small-sized layer of blue-white scales which has similiar effect as Arrancars Hierro but much weaker. The change in ability comes with the user new power to change the water's state of matter.
The water may become superheated steam to burn and blind the opponent with the command Kurumu (Conceal) and become ice with the command Iteru (Freeze).
These open up wide range of ideas for various attack and defense strategies.
Signature Technique: Mizu Tama, Aisu Gokuya (Water Globe, Ice Prison). User creates a globe of water around the opponent and freezes it completely to.)
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Re: Yasahiro's custom zanpaktuo.

Post  Hishido on Wed Feb 08, 2012 5:55 pm

I love that idea for a Zanpakutou. It resembles one I did with Kaien's Zanpakutou before. Approved.

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