Hitsu Custom Zan

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Hitsu Custom Zan

Post  Jodisco on Sun Feb 05, 2012 6:54 pm

Zanpakuto Name: Mizu Seishin (Water Spirit)

Zanpakuto Call: Flood the way

Shikai Summary: Hitsu sword, turns into water the whole sword turns into water. Hitsu is able to control water which his zanpakuto has made and water around him. He manipulates the water into anything he wants but he is only able to create in-animate objects with his water in shikai state.

Bankai Name: Tairei Mizu Seishin (Great Water Spirit)

Bankai Summary: Hitsu in Bankai mode, any attire he is wearing at the moment becomes like flowing water flowing like the wind, the end torn and very stylish, his hair also changes to water. Hitsu major change in appearance depends on him. In Bankai Hitsu is able to control most liquids, and he can also collect water from the atmosphere to aid him in battle. Hitsu in Bankai is also be able to create animate objects, and due to this ability he can combine with the animate objects he make. (E.G; He can merge with a bear to attain more strength. so on and so forth) Hitsu is able to make this water into ice, and his water has healing abilities. But the healing can only heal its surface but it cant heal it completely.
Note: He is able to use shikai abilities in Bankai. This combinations don't affect his shunpo.
He gets the ability to breathe underwater but the longer the more reiatsu it takes.

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Re: Hitsu Custom Zan

Post  Hishido on Sun Feb 05, 2012 7:15 pm


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