Fang's Custom Release

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Fang's Custom Release

Post  Jjredster on Sat Feb 04, 2012 4:22 am

Zanpakuto's Name: Ryujin-Inakka (Name has no meaning)

Zanpakuto Call: Obliterate (or Incinerate idk which yet)

Shikai Summary: the Normal Wakizashi Shaped Zanpaktou grows a Serrated Edge like a Saw and spikes protrude from the guard, in terms of physical appearances none change to fang personally, the special ability of this zanpaktou revolves around the ability to manipulate flames, able to produce fire in its shikai state using the leaders reiatsu and it increases in power when in warm environments or Hot spots.

Bankai Name: Goushiki Ryujin Inakka (Name has no Meaning)

Bankai Summary: Once Again in terms of Fang's physical appearance nothing changes however the zanpaktou itself produces spikes along the blade and the already serrated edge of the blade moves lightly as if the sword itself was a living saw blade the guard also represents the Multi-Star image of Hitsugaya's Zanpaktou's when he is in bankai. as For abilities nothing much more really happens except for a stronger mass of heat and hotter flames, basically it just amplifies what the shikai brings.

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Re: Fang's Custom Release

Post  Hishido on Sat Feb 04, 2012 8:52 am

I approve the abilities. I don't approve the name.

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