Game time?

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Game time?

Post  ryushi612 on Tue Nov 15, 2011 3:54 pm

So I havent been around for long, but I have been noticing a small player base. Now I dont know if this is a norm for this game or if its a dry spot but I was hoping for a solution.

First off, This game has a great style to it and a great system, all it needs is a flowing population. And since we dont have that right now maybe its time to consolidate our players?

Im suggesting a "Game time" A few hours where we all agree to be on line for the purpose of RP and IC interaction. Obviously there are faults, and I am writing this in the middle of a lecture so I can go into all the ideas in depth but I just kind of want to test the waters. If agreed to would people be interested in a Set GMT time to get together and play this?

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