Ryotenbin`s Custom Skill Applicaton .

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Ryotenbin`s Custom Skill Applicaton .

Post  Neverending Bind on Sun Nov 06, 2011 11:40 am

Skill Name : Raven Transformation .

Skill Type : Shapeshift .

Reiatsu Drain : Almost none, 2% .

Description : This would be a recently common ability employed by Ryotenbin which is his ability to change his form into a Raven which looks like a normal-sized black coloured Raven ( Similiar ability to Yoruichi Shihóin`s cat-form transformation ) . He would use it as to make arrivals and exits , as it is more pratical than a Shunpo . While in his Raven-form Ryotenbin would be un-able to use any of his Zanpakuto nor Kidó skills .

Level Difficulity to use and master : Level 25 to use and master .

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