Vartio's Custom Release

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Vartio's Custom Release

Post  Vartio on Mon Oct 24, 2011 7:14 pm

Release Name: Eh-ru Meh-nu-to (The Ment (El Ment = The Ment), Element)

Reiatsu Drain: None (Ress, Vastorode Type)


First Release: The Hollow mask expands, and armored Carapice appears around the user's Hands, Feet, Chest, and head, forming what initially appears as a suit of armor. These carapices however, are directly linked to the abilities to control the four basic elements and those associated: Earth, Water, Wind, and Fire. The Elements around the user can be freely manipulated in this form.

Second Release: The Armor-like state of the Carapice instead disappears in this form, which becomes a Stark Silvery-White, like most Hollow Masks. The Body itself is basically reformed into a sort of hybrid between flesh and armor with long crimson hair. This form's ability is the ability to compress reiatsu and general energy in the air into creating matter or weapons to use at will.

Level of Difficulty to Use and Master: 1 for First Form, 90 for Segunda Etapa, which will be acquired through training in the wilds of hueco mundo and occur naturally at some point.

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