Full hollow for vaizards

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Full hollow for vaizards

Post  Jaret on Wed Aug 17, 2011 11:27 pm

Also sorry for bad grammar I wrote this on my phone.

Hi, Jaret here, I know I posted alot of different things but I feel this one is one of the best
I was watching the episode where Ichigo goes full hollow and wtf owns Ulqouira, Well you see giving full hollows to hollows would be epic and here are the requirements and boosts. REQUIREMENT: Need level 70, rp level 16, mastered bankai ,and need to roleplay how the transformation happens. STAT BOOST: Well obviously depending on mask, but lets say its ichigo you would get a 1000 reiatsu boost, 300+ str 600+ defense and 3000reiryoku. These things can be changed if needed because I just pulled it out of my butt.

Anyway tell me your ideas, and of course reply, thanks for reading.

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Re: Full hollow for vaizards

Post  Darwin Blake on Thu Aug 18, 2011 11:45 am

No. Bad idea. Only Ichigo, Aizen, and some non-canon people went "Full Hollow", or "Vasto Lordes Vaizard Mode". So, unless you are the Shinji or Aizen figure, you shouldn't have access to Full Hollow. Especially since Ichigo is unique BUT not a real figure. Mastering Shikai, Bankai, Hollow powers, AND his Kidou's in just a few years when it takes some of the captains/hollows Centuries like Ichigo does is unrealistic IC'ly and OOC'ly.
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