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New Bug List

Post  Sharaku on Wed Aug 10, 2011 5:00 pm

1.) Shikai earned from the Reward verb cause the Staff members to name the Zanpakuto and the Call, and the player's Shikai ends up not working. (Pressing B will not do anything except say the name and call)

2.) The Rename verb(Not Force New Name) does not work

3.) The view banlist verb only shows /list

4.) When renaming someone, another Staff member can also rename them, causing a bug to occur sometimes.

5.) Urahara House only leads to the Visored Basement, causing no one to be able to travel to the Soul Society without a Staff member to teleport them.

6.) Sosuke Aizen NPC quest for Shinigami is repeatable

7.) If a reboot occurs after a player has been banned, the player is "unbanned" due to a bug, and cannot be banned unless the person is editted to less than 3 ban strikes, allowing them to run rampant on the game.
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