Arrancar/Shinigami Halfbreed

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Arrancar/Shinigami Halfbreed

Post  Yusuranis on Sun Jul 31, 2011 4:53 pm

I was told to put this character in the forums so here he is.

Basically what an arrancar/Shinigami is, is a halfbreed of both races.

If they were to get forms it would be most likely this progression, Shikai, Bankai, Ressurection.

ofcourse they would have more spirit power then normal beings of there races, but due to what they are, they are most likely despised by all.

As for the backstory for my it is.

The tale of two lovers, intertwined by fate and destiny, and there horrific fall.....Murasaki Makina and Kaizoken Seraphim.....This is there tale..

Kaizoken Seraphim an arrancar who had been searching for his reason for living, for what his true purpose in this great wide universe is...why did he exist? why was he created? what was his destiny? So many questions wrought through his mind daily, he spent countless hours in meditation trying to figure out the meaning of his life, but these awnsers transcended him...and were beyond his grasp. The land of Hueco mundo was a one of blistering heat and desert. Wandering through these vast and unending deserts were creatures called hollows, beings that wanted nothing more then to devour souls and eachother for power. Kaizoken was discusted by them and regularly killed them, infact he himself was very strong though he cared not to show his true power at all...mostly because he couldnt figure out how to use it. His life was a very mundane life in hueco mundo...that was until this very special day occured.

It was a meeting of all the captains, all of us, during this meeting it was told that there was some strange spirit pressure coming from hueco mundo, spirit pressure like the soul society had never seen. The head captain was deciding which one of us would be sent down to figure out the cause of it. After some talking and a few arguments it was decided that i was to go down to hueco mundo and figure out what might be causing or radiating this spirit pressure. The portal to hueco mundo was as it always was...just...there. But as soon as i reached hueco mundo it was different...i could sense the spirit pressure it was lingering if lost. Stepping down into the sands and with the sun beating down upon me i began my trek across this land, there were a couple hollows here and there but nothing i couldnt handle. But the minute i got to the scene of this strange spirit pressure my demeanor changed i was on my guard...ever vigilent to my surroundings. What i found there was something i did not expect...a humanoid looking hollow he was sitting down in the sand his eyes closed and his back to me...unsheathing my sword i walked towards him, as i did this withought turning around, almost as if he had sense my presence even though i was being as stealthy as i could he said, in the most sincere voice..."I mean you no harm." I was suprised at what he said, even more so that there was no waver in his voice...he truly meant the words that he said. I kept my blade out but i took a less threatening stance, And thats when he stood up and turned around....


As i stood up and turned around i saw her....Murasaki, her pink flowing hair...her violet eyes, is there ever such thing as love at first sight? Am i capable of love? Was i confused? Was i drawn in by her eyes? Her body? That luschious pink hair? I know not why but something about her drew me ever closer to her. My hand was off my blade as i meant her no harm, i slowly stepped towards her hands far away from my blade i extended my hand for a greeting and as i did this she took one off her blade and grasped my hand, her touch can i put this...envigorating. I shook her hand and i said "My name is Kaizoken Seraphim, judge me not by my apperance, i am nothing like the rest of my kind." as she shook my hand i could see in her eyes that there was something with her, she was thinking inside her mind...some emotions were rattling in her mind. As our hands were there together for a little bit she after a minute or so said "My names Murasaki Makina." our hands were there for quiet sometime until we both realized they were still there which at the same time we both pulled away quickly, she began stammering. I chuckled her stammering was cute....she raised her head a little, blushing slightly and said "So your the cause of this spirit pressure....interesting." I nodded at her question signifying the awnser yes. She nodded not knowing much what to say at this moment. Thats when instinct took its course, i grabbed her hand playfully and i lead her up a tower, she followed me her blade now sheathed and once we reached the top we both sat down on the edge, we sat there for hours exchanging stories to eachother and was a nice change to the normal stature of life down here in hueco mundo. Though after the few hours it was indeed time for her to leave....i had hoped i would see her again..... i lead her to her exit portal and i smiled as i said goodbye and continued on with my mind on her and her alone.


As i left hueco mundo it was...weird, why was i having these feelings for this man? He was a hollow....and yet...he was so different from them, something about him was just amazing...he was sweet, spontanious and hollow was like that, except him. Nevertheless i couldnt tell them it was him that was causing the strange spirit pressure. I lied and said that it was some strange anomaly it wasnt a hollow it was just....there. Thankfully they accepted what i said and wrote it off, this gave me the time to do what i needed to, inbetween missions and meetings i made several trips to hueco mundo to and fro. Me and Kaizoken met up several times talking and fighting hollows together, it was pretty soon that our relationship had grown....we were fairly close to eachother. As we sat atop the tower our hands together a short silence we looked into eachothers eyes, his green eyes were so beautiful and i could tell he was happy, withought warning with a quickness i had never in my life seen, his lips touched mine. I put my arms around him and our tounges intertwined, he lowered me to the floor of the top of the tower, our tounges ever writhing around eachother, our instincts taking over..... what came next can ofcourse be seen. (Not gonna type up a sex scene XD it might offend people.) Fairly soon i was with child, and people around the soul society began to notice, it was fairly hard to hide...things became bad and pretty soon i was called by the head captain, and thats when things got bad...i spilled the entire story and the headcaptain shook his head...i felt a terrible chill go up my spine...i had a feeling something bad was going to happen.


The love i felt for this woman was a love i had never felt before. When i looked into her eyes i knew my purpose i knew my reason for living, why i was created....i was here to protect her, love her...make sure she was ever happy and thats what i intended to do. It was not shortly after our "encounter" that i had learned that Murasaki was with child. The idea of being a father was fascinating, but i knew not the effects of the child being born from my kind and hers, would it look normal? would there be anything wrong with it? it was a few weeks after the birth of the child, he was given to me to be taken care of and i had named him Jonathan. His mother Murasaki had come through the portal worried and panting, she told me that we had to hide the child now, it was about this time that we opened a gate to earth, rushing as fast as we could we came to an orphanage were we put our child. As long as my love and my child were fine i knew i would be. But things were not as they seemed, the minute we got back to hueco mundo we were greeted by several captains, they each restrained me and her i fought as much as i could but i got hit in the back of the head...knocking me unconcious...what happened next was terrfying.


I awoke to the trial of my wife, i was enchained with many kidou techniques that i couldnt get out of, my hearing wasnt working properly for i did not here any of there words that was until the word execution came up....the minute they said they were going to execute her i knew i couldnt let this happen i struggled against the chains as hard as i could but it was no use, a man was near her with a sword and he was about to unsheath his blade, it was at this point that this happened, Green energy started flowing out of me and the chains broke, the kidou techniques were destroyed instantly, this....was my ressurection. i flung myself towards her direction and a captain appeared before me obviously a flash step, swinging his blade at my ribs i grabbed his blade with one hand and i kicked him in the chest launching him into a wall and stunning him. Another captain came up from behind and attempted to impale me from behind i sidestepped his attack and elbowed him in the face knocking him down, it was at this point that another captains fist caught me in the face putting me to one knee, i quickly got up and we grappled eachothers fists, i headbutted him knocking him down and as another captain came behind me i mule kicked him sending him flying, i ran towards my love and then thats when it happened.....a blade went right through my back right through one of the most vital parts of my body......i fell down only to see my wife on her knees the sword drawn and ready to be used. I couldnt lose now, it was my life or hers, and i would chose her life everytime, i began crawling towards her using every ounce of what i had left to get to i got to her she looked down at me and a tear fell from her eye as she said these words "My soul....will always be yours." it was at this point that she was beheaded. Thats when i snapped, tears began running down my cheeks as i brought myself to my knees planting my palms on the wooden ground with wavering and sorrow in my voice i said " no no no reason for living....why..." i brought one hand up and clenched it into a fist smashing it into the wood i screamed "Damnit!!!" i smashed my fist into the wood cracking it and smashing it over and over every time screaming "Damnit damnit damnit damnit!!!" i stood up as even more green energy poured out of me, they took my love...i was going to make them fucking pay. A captain came up to me blade first swinging at my back i brought my arm back and grabbed his blade. I pulled it with so much strength that they were all amazed. I pulled it out of his hands and i gripped it and i turned around swinging it at his neck when my arms wavered....something was trying to stop me and as i turned my head around i saw him....the head captain using kidou to stop me. I couldnt move and thats when it happened, eleven blades plunged into me each from a different captain. I sat there with an angry expression on my face....i had lost my love...lost my life....there was nothing left...but atleast my son was safe. Even as i died i died fighting.....and now all that was left was my son to carry on my is now sixteen years later, and Jonathan Seraphim is almost an adult....were does the story go from here you ask? Well my friends...that is a tale to be told by another fire.

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Re: Arrancar/Shinigami Halfbreed

Post  Darwin Blake on Tue Aug 02, 2011 12:43 pm

I think this is just a revision of the love story from Underworld, where the vampire princess loves a descendant of the original werewolf, William, and they love secretly. Then, when they are caught, the man is forced to watch his pregnant beloved executed by light exposure while he is chained down with silver.

Also, Hollows cannot reproduce. At all. Males do not produce semen and females do not have ovaries. They are mostly hollow on the inside. Even the Espada like Halibel and Starrk that are most humanoid can probably never reach a form that's similar enough to a human/death god that they would be able to have -sex-. Halfbreeds come from Aizen's experimenting with Vai powers, Arrancar res, and Shinigami bankai/shinkai.

Basically, the only halfbreeds were Tousen, Aizen, Ichigo, and the various Vai. Aside from that fact, there were no other halfbreeds at the time. Why? Because, without Aizen's various experiments and high intelligence and the fact that the Hygou did a lot, then the races were split. Why? Hollows are souls that were saved in time and, because of this, their chain of fate broke and their spiritual bodies became hollow. Then they were forced to roam HM/Earth for food. Some lucky ones begin to devour other hollows and advance quickly. The only natural occuring arrancars were a non-canon, random dude and Starrk. And Starrk is, like, one out of billions of hollows after centuries of hollows? Without Aizen, forming such a large number of Arrancar and making an army would've been impossible. This, coupled with the fact that only Arrancar have any "humanlike" genitals, that would mean that it would be impossible for your story to be canon to the original Bleach storyline or the non-canon version in BOR.

I could bring up other things that could make it impossible for halfbreeds to exist without the Hygou/Aizen, but I'm not in the mood atm.
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